Civic Engagement

Civic Engagement

Civic Engagement

Mission Statement

The DCTC Civic Engagement Committee promotes and sustains community involvement opportunities that motivate students to develop their citizenship skills and values.

The Committee works with faculty to forge partnerships with communities and organizations as a way to bring community service into program curriculums, a strategy that advances student civic development.

Key Objectives

  • Help faculty integrate community service in their curriculums.
  • Increase individual student service to the community.
  • Document student-based civic engagement activities that are important to DCTC students.

Committee Members

  • Mark Ramseth, Staff
  • Rosemary Winchell, Staff
  • Denise Strenger , General Education
  • Jeff Copeland, Transportation (Co-chair)
  • Gerry Rainford, Transportation
  • Deb Newberry, Technical Careers
  • Dawn Braa, Health & Human Services
  • Peter Latner, Design
  • Susan Johanson, Business
  • Nicole Meulemans, Student Life
  • Karianne Loula, Interim Student Registration Coordinator
  • Trudi Greaves, Foundation
  • Mike Opp, Administration (Co-chair)
  • Dora Schumacher, TRIO/UB & SSS
  • Bill Roberts, Customized Training

Community-Based Learning in Our Community

Community development through community-based learning projects promotes citizenship and civic involvement in our students. In a wide selection of DCTC programs, students are required to demonstrate their commitment to community service by participating in approved community-based learning projects.