Hire a DCTC Student or Graduate

Hire a Student or Graduate

Hire a DCTC Student or Graduate

College Central Jobs is Dakota County Technical College's online recruiting system that allows current students and graduates to search and apply for jobs online. It also allows employers the opportunity to post jobs, review resumes and receive applications online. Please contact Career Services for information.

How can DCTC Career Services assist employers with recruitment?

We are a free resource to area employers who are seeking to hire qualified and educated employees. Career Services strives to build relationships with local employers in order to both contribute in a positive manner to the local workforce, and place our students and alumni in high-quality, professional positions. We encourage employers to take advantage of the services we offer, listed below.

Option 1: Post vacant positions at DCTC college central network.

Employers may post employment and internship opportunities on DCTC's online employment site at no charge. Visit College Central Jobs for more information and get started.

Option 2: Recruit on campus

Employers are encouraged to recruit in the central commons of our Rosemount campus during lunchtime. Employers may also work with Career Services to provide students with career related information through classroom presentations or information sessions. There is no cost to employers, simply contact Career Services to schedule a time to visit campus.

Contact Information


  • Career Services Center, Room 2-202

Résumé Help

Beginning fall semester, résumé critiques will be available for students at the following locations and times. Please bring a rough draft of your résumé with you. Tools to prepare your rough draft can be found on www.collegecentral.com.

Career Services Center Hours

  • Monday – Thursday
    8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.
  • Friday
    9 a.m. – Noon