Construction Update | May 20, 2013

Phase 1 Construction Update | May 20, 2013

Construction Update | May 20, 2013

Transportation & Emerging Technologies Renovation Project

Phase I Construction Update
May 20, 2013

The project is right on schedule with no issues to report. Workers are in the third week of saw-cutting and jackhammering concrete floors. Walls are down between Shops 4, 5, and 6 (Automotive Technician and GM ASEP), providing an open view through all three areas. Block walls facing the Main Commons will be replaced with new walls and windows to showcase new classroom spaces.

The wall is down between Auto Body Collision Technology and GM ASEP. The new Parts Counter will be established in this location, providing ready accessibility to all relevant program areas. Workers are jackhammering larger pits for the new waterborne paint booths in the Auto Body Collision Technology area. Larger pits are necessary because the new booths require more air during operation.

Workers are pouring new footings for the newly relocated Welding Technology area, which will no longer be landlocked. The obsolete, 25,000-pound welding ventilation unit has been removed from the roof and will be replaced by a modern, more efficient unit.

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