Helping Students Make It Happen

Helping Students

Helping Students Make It Happen

A crucial component in the academic experience, private donations allow our students to meet their financial needs and stay enrolled in school. Every student forced by financial hardship to give up their educational goals represents a social and economic setback for our community as a whole.

Your contributions fund the retraining of displaced workers, fuel fresh starts for individuals seeking self-sufficiency, and give our students the opportunity further their education and follow the career of their dreams.

More than 90 percent of our student body qualifies for financial aid. Student success depends directly on your generosity and the support you give to the DCTC Foundation's fundraising efforts.

Your contribution allows us to respond to the needs of students who are serious about their education. Our graduates give back to their communities and enrich the lives of the people they know.

Keeping students in school through difficult financial times often spells the difference between having a great job or standing in an unemployment line.

Our foundation proudly offers recruitment and merit scholarships, which are given to students who excel in their chosen field. DCTC educates students for employment. That's our mission and our success stories create stronger, more prosperous communities.

One Student's Success Story

Sandy Olsen tells a story that is markedly similar to the life stories of many DCTC students and graduates. After 20 years as a mother and homemaker, Olsen decided to return to the workforce. While this would be a challenging prospect for anyone in comparable circumstances, Olsen credits DCTC with helping her make a smooth transition.

"My education was very advantageous to my career," she said. "My instructor was great and really listened to my needs. I really recommend DCTC."

"I chose DCTC because the college offered me a convenient location and flexible class times," reported Olsen, who is a 2003 graduate of the Supervisory Management program. "I attended both evening and daytime classes. My course times worked well with my schedule and proved to be very accommodating."

Olsen works as a rehabilitation aide at a hospital in the southern metro area of the Twin Cities. She believes that her DCTC degree will quicken her advancement at the hospital.

"My education was very advantageous to my career," she said. "My instructors were great and really listened to my needs. I really recommend DCTC."

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