Message from the President

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Message from the President

DCTC President Ron ThomasWelcome to Dakota County Technical College. For more than four decades, our college has prepared our graduates for life as dynamic contributors to Minnesota's workforce as well as fully engaged members of their communities. Our faculty and staff are dedicated to the future prosperity of our students and their families.

Our main campus is located in Rosemount, Minn., just 30 minutes from the Twin Cities. Nearly 5,700 students are enrolled in credit-based programs & majors with some 4,500 enrolled in Customized Training & Continuing Education noncredit courses. We also offer six NJCAA sports for women and men. Two state-of-the-art sports facilities, Ames Field and the Ames Soccer Complex, are located on the college's main campus.

Tuition at DCTC will not increase for the next two years, making our degrees, diplomas and certificates even more affordable and accessible for people who wish to upgrade their skills or prepare for new careers. Our goal is always centered on providing an extraordinary education for our students.

DCTC is undergoing a major Transportation and Emerging Technologies Renovation Project made possible by $7.23 million in state funding. Designed to provide our students with leading-edge labs, equipment and facilities, the renovation project eliminates $3.5 million in deferred maintenance and cuts energy consumption by as much as 30 percent. Phase I of the project is scheduled for completion by fall semester 2013. Phase II, which requires $6.9 million in additional funding, is slated for 2014.

DCTC excels as the partner of choice for our neighboring businesses, industries and communities, a steadfast priority that helps ensure our students receive top-notch training that matches the demands of the real-world workforce. Thanks to that commitment, our college generates an annual economic impact of $162 million, which means for every $1,000 produced in the $190.7 billion Twin Cities metro economy, nine dollars is directly or indirectly related to DCTC.

Our college motto is "Real Education. Real Results." Our longstanding college mission is Education for Employment. Students who enroll at DCTC for degrees, diplomas, certificates or specific courses for career development discover that our faculty and staff are committed to helping them realize their personal and professional dreams. At Dakota County Technical College, the real story of our success is found in the real-life success stories of our students.


Tim Wynes, J.D.
President - Dakota County Technical College