General Guidelines

Requesting and Accessing Public Information

  • Any member of the public is allowed to view public information without charge.
  • Viewing of public information will be at reasonable times and places.
  • Viewing does not include receiving copies of information unless providing a copy is the only way for us to provide viewing.
  • Viewing includes remote access and the ability of the public to download the data on the public's own computer, but in some cases, we may charge for such access.
  • We will provide access to public data as soon as we reasonably can, but we may not be able to provide the information you want immediately because we need time to locate or copy the information.
  • We do not have to provide data that we do not keep.
  • Upon request, we will provide copies of public data. Any copies requested will be charged at a rate of 25¢ per copy. In addition, we may charge the hourly wage of the DCTC employee designated to do the requested research.
  • You are not required to identify yourself unless we need the information for some purpose such as sending the data, or clarifying your request; you don't have to tell us why you want the information.
  • Upon request, we will explain the content and meaning of the data.
  • If we store the public data you want on a computer, you may ask that we provide a copy to you in electronic form, and we will do so if we reasonably can. We do not have to provide the data in a format or program that is different from how we store it, but if we agree to do so, we will charge you for the cost of providing the copy.
  • If we decide that the data you request is not public, we will notify you orally or in writing as soon as we reasonably can, and will tell you which law applies. If you ask, we will provide our decision in writing.