Strategic & Integrated Planning

Strategic Planning

Strategic & Integrated Planning

Dakota County Technical College understands the importance of planning for the future to secure relevant and rewarding learning experiences and outcomes for our students. Our college engages in multiple planning processes as a forward-thinking institution of higher education.

Accountability Plans

Developed by external stakeholders, accountability plans provide a framework for long-term planning while delivering tools that make sure the college is making sound preparations for the future.

DCTC Long-Term Plans

Long-term plans determine what DCTC embarks to achieve over the next three to five years. Another purpose for long-term planning is providing a framework for the college's annual plans.

DCTC Annual Plans

Annual plans include specific objectives to accomplish for the year as well as outcome measures, including due dates, people responsible, evaluations and other important information. Annual plans are linked to non-personnel operating budgets through the annual planning process.

Annual Planning Process