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  • ENGL1355 Critical Reading and Writing 3
    ENGL 1355 How can writing present complex arguments - and require critical thinking skills to develop answers? Is there more than just what is on the surface? How can a student intelligently challenge what is written in a text or even what is offered on the Internet? Students read, compose, analyze, and engage in interesting and rigorous discussions of selected plays and texts. Concepts of audience, purpose, and context are studied and evaluated. Students will learn how to discuss critically, synthesize key components, and provide analysis orally and in writing. This course is not an alternative to Composition 1101. Meets MnTC Goal 1

    Credits: 3

    Effective Dates: 08/22/2011 - 12/31/9999

    MNTC Goals: 1,2

    Course Outline: ENGL1355

  • PHIL1200 Critical Thinking 3
    PHIL 1200 In this course, students will develop skills in argument evaluation, the use of informal logic, and language analysis as they criticize problems found on the World Wide Web, in the workplace, and in other everyday environments. Students will also have an opportunity to explore topics in media literacy and the philosophy of science. Suggested Accuplacer reading cut score over 78. Meets MnTC Goal 2.

    Credits: 3

    Effective Dates: 08/27/2007 - 12/31/9999

    MNTC Goals: 2

    Course Outline: PHIL1200

  • PHIL1450 Philosophy of the Arts 2
    PHIL 1450 In this introductory course, students will take a philosophical approach to thinking about painting, photography, film, architecture, music, literature, theater arts, and popular art. Using ideas from a variety of time periods, students will analyze artworks of their own choosing. All students will find this course valuable though it will be of special interest to those in programs such as Applied Visual Arts, Architectural Technology, Graphic Design Technology, Photography, Photographic Imaging Technology, Interior Design, Landscape Horticulture, Multimedia and Web Design.

    Credits: 2

    Effective Dates: 03/01/2011 - 12/31/9999

    MNTC Goals: 2,6

    Course Outline: PHIL1450

  • PSYC1105 General Psychology 4
    PSYC 1105 This general psychology course is an introduction and overview of the scientific study of behavior and experience. It includes topics like the history of psychology, research methods, perception, learning, human development, intelligence, motivation, social perception and group behavior, and psychological disorders.

    Credits: 4

    Effective Dates: 05/21/2014 - 12/31/9999

    MNTC Goals: 2,5

    Course Outline: PSYC1105