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Anna Verhoye

Anna Verhoye is a speech instructor in the General Education department. Anna has received a Master's Degree of Social Justice from Marygrove College in Detroit, MI in 2012 and has a Master of Arts and Bachelor of Arts in communication from San Diego State University. As an undergraduate, her emphasis was on nuclear war issues. As a graduate student, her emphasis was on global leadership and management.

Anna has achieved ABD status in communications from the University of Minnesota, emphasis in organization communication and leadership, and has nearly completed master's degrees in theology and pastoral ministry from the University of St. Thomas. Over the past decade, she has specialized in teaching about genocide, war crimes and peace studies.

Along with teaching, Anna has done executive coaching for major companies across the United States and continues to work as a communicologist, or communications skills coach, specializing in interpersonal and family communication. She is a certified trainer on the prevention of child abuse and is socially active on issues related to peace and justice.

Anna is director of Learning Through Serving, an international consortium that takes students to third-world countries to increase awareness of global social issues. On average, she speaks at five conferences or workshops a year in the areas of service-learning, social justice and peace issues, interpersonal and family communication, and spirituality.

Anna has received a number of awards, including:
  • National Award Recipient, Maricopa Service Learning Award in the area of International Education
  • Presentation about Learning Through Serving and award reception, May 2007, Scottsdale, Ariz.
  • Numerous Golden Apple Awards, Outstanding Teaching
While teaching at DCTC, she has received several grants, including:
  • $5,000 grant, DCTC. Grant awarded for the development of learning education through service-learning and civic engagement.
  • $1,000 grant, DCTC Foundation. Grant awarded for the purpose of creating the international Learning Through Serving program at DCTC Rosemount campus.
  • $1,000 grant, DCTC Foundation. Grant awarded for the purposes of developing a "Kids College" summer program at DCTC Rosemount campus.
Her published works include:
  • Verhoye, A.M. (1993). Creaternity and human communication: Thinking and behaving creatively. (Two Editions). Edina, MN: Burgess International.
  • Verhoye, A.M. (1990). Leaders and manager: An argument for the transformational manager. Unpublished master's thesis.

Over the past 19 years, Anna has researched and written numerous papers and presentations on leadership, management, creativity, training and development, and organizational communication. She has spoken at dozens of conferences/workshops on various topics ranging from service-learning and civic engagement to team building, relational communication, Enneagram, spirituality, diversity, and global issues.

Regarding her teaching philosophy, Anna says, "My teaching is student-centered, open, creative and energetic. Student participation in course discussion is critical to the success of a class. Rigor is expected.

"As an educator, my job is like a coach. I will give a student all the materials and resources she or he needs to encourage success, but it is up to the student to do the workout. I am passionate about learning and am hopeful that students embrace their own learning. Student and teacher accountability is critical for the success of any class. 

Learning with and alongside students on their academic journeys is the best part of her job as a DCTC instructor.

Climbing volcanoes, hiking, running marathons, hanging out with her husband and their three, "very cool" teenage children, reading, doing artwork, friends, and traveling are things that bring Anna the greatest joy.

When she's not teaching, Anna spends much of her time working in the field of social justice or pursuing peace issues. She is a strong advocate for people "who seem to be invisible to much of the world."

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