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Candace Carlstrom

Candace Carlstrom is an Administrative Technology Instructor in the Electronic Health Information Management (eHIM) and Medical Administrative Specialist programs. She began teaching at DCTC in 2005 as part-time faculty, and started teaching full-time in 2010.

Candace has a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration from the University of Phoenix. In 2002, she earned a medical transcription certificate from DCTC.

Her industry experience includes work as a home-based senior certified medical transcriptionist at United Hospital in St. Paul from 2003 to present.

She had an article published in a nonfiction book about southeastern Minnesota. The Fillmore County Journal has also published several of her stories.

Regarding her teaching philosophy, Candace says, "When I started college in the late 70s, my first-year chemistry professor said he would be flunking half the students (there were 500 in the class). Well, I didn't fail, but I think that is an awful way to teach a class.

"The subjects I have been teaching so far at DCTC are hard enough without my making it harder. So my philosophy is to elucidate the subject as much as possible and in different ways so that each student can grasp the concepts and do well if they do the work and study hard."

As for the best part about her job as a DCTC instructor, she really enjoys the students of all ages and backgrounds and their willingness to learn. "They all have a different point of view and something to add to the subject," she says.

Her hobbies and interests include travel, camping, rollerblading, reading and writing.

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Candace Carlstrom
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