Early, Coco


Coco Early

Coco Dugan Early is an adjunct interior design instructor and practicing commercial interior designer at RSP Architects in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She joined the Interior Design Advisory committee in 2000 and continues to serve on that committee, and has taught several of our courses.

Coco earned a Bachelor of Science degree in home economics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1986. Three years later, she earned her bachelor's in interior design from the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities.

Starting in 1989, she worked for several firms in the Twin Cities as an interior designer with a focus on commercial properties. She worked for Meyer, Scherer & Rockcastle Architects from 1997 until 2007 and currently is a Senior Project Interior Designer at RSP Architects.

Her accomplishments include work on the Urban Outfitters Corporate Headquarters in Philadelphia. In 2007, she received the National Preservation Honor Award and the Urban Land Institute Award of Excellence.

Her interior design work has been featured in a number of magazine articles, including "Reimaging Philly's Navy Yard," Metropolis Magazine, May 2007; "Restoring A Gem," Philadelphia Enquirer, March 2006; "Historic Character," Architecture Minnesota, Sept. 2002; "Andersen Finds New Use for Old Kmart," Minnesota Real Estate Journal, Dec. 2000; "Bakken Library," Architecture Minnesota, Sept. 1999.

Regarding her teaching philosophy, Coco says, "Teach by example and guide learning as a discovery process."

The best part of her job as a DCTC instructor is experiencing the unlimited creativity students bring to the classroom and their work.

Exploring color theory and its implications on interior environments and products stands out as her particular area of interest in design.