Larson, Connie


Connie Larson

Connie Larson is a Graphic Design Technology instructor. She started teaching at DCTC in 1991.

Connie has a master's degree in business and industrial education and a bachelor's degree in studio arts from the University of Minnesota. She also has her bachelor's in biology from Alverno College in Milwaukee. She earned a diploma in visual merchandising and applied arts from DCTC.

She has held design and production positions at small advertising agencies, working with clients on specialized projects. She also has extensive experience producing large-scale murals.

Regarding her teaching philosophy, Connie says, "I feel it is important to challenge the students to find their greatest strengths and to help them to develop further. I encourage problem solving, whether in design or working with the technology."

The best part of her job as a DCTC instructor is the opportunity to teach in a vibrant field of software and design. "I enjoy working with professionals who care about students and who create a strong support system."

Connie's hobbies and interests include oil painting, gardening, traveling, and caring for her grandkids.

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Connie Larson
Graphic Design Technology Instructor