Keinert, David


David Keinert

David Keinert is an adjunct instructor in the Meeting and Event Management program. He started at DCTC in the spring of 2009. While Keinert has worked in every hotel department and enjoys the differences of each, his strength is in the rooms department.

"Travelers don’t realize how much planning, training and hard work go into their hotel experience," he said. "I love being in charge of the behind-the-scenes operation; what I love more is teaching people how to do it."

Starting off as a breakfast host in a small, suburban hotel, Keinert quickly discovered his passion for hospitality. His 10+ years of hospitality management experience have taken him to eight different properties in three different states. He has held positions such as:

  • Banquet captain
  • Front desk supervisor
  • Front desk manager
  • Assistant general manager
  • Director of housekeeping/maintenance
  • Interim general manager (traveling)
  • Director of operations

Each property and position offered unique challenges, which helped Keinert develop professionally in his hospitality career.

In his classroom, Keinert takes fundamental hospitality principles and looks at them from three different perspectives:

  • Owner
  • Guest
  • Employee

Effective hospitality managers must always consider all three. After all, hospitality is not a job, it’s an art: The art of serving people.

"Your guests, employees and owners will either be your biggest fans or your worst critics," Keinert said. "My industry experience helps provide this needed insight into the larger picture, which is the hospitality industry."

DCTC allows Keinert to simulate a real, working environment in his classroom, allowing students to experience the hands-on planning and detail that go into hospitality operations.

"When students leave our classrooms, I know they will have the skills necessary to be successful in the industry I have grown such a passion for," he said. "To me, seeing students leave my classroom with a spark of that passion is the best part of being an instructor at DCTC."

In his spare time, Keinert loves to travel and be with friends. When he’s not traveling, he enjoys trying new things around the Twin Cities, whether it’s a new restaurant or store. "We live in such an exciting area," he said. "I love to experience all the great things we have here."