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Denise Strenger

Denise Strenger is a sociology instructor in the general education curriculum. She began teaching at DCTC in 2000.

Denise has a Master of Science degree in criminology from California State University, Los Angeles. While attending graduate school, she worked as a manager and lead investigator for a private investigation firm in L.A.

She completed her undergraduate work at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, studying sociology, criminal justice, political science and public administration.

Denise is also a community faculty member at Metro State University and the University of St. Thomas. Before becoming a teacher, she worked as a security investigator for the retail grocery giant Safeway, Inc., in the San Francisco Bay area.

Involved for more than 10 years in community and public safety and security, she has served on the Public Safety Board in Woodbury, Minn. She continues to help coordinate workshops and fundraisers for public safety. She is involved in a number of other community projects.

While living in northern California, she enrolled in the Professional Development program at San Jose State University, where she studied group facilitation, employee relations and human resources. In 2003, she was awarded the Center for Teaching and Learning Grant for the sociology discipline workshop as part of the Sociologists of Minnesota Annual Conference.

Denise has facilitated many faculty groups within the area of online development/learning. She is currently involved in online assessment and service-learning initiatives in all of her programs.

Regarding her teaching philosophy, she wishes to bring theoretical and practical applications in sociology to the forefront, allowing the student to understand that the world is a better place when people understand the varieties of the human condition.

"Professionals need to be aware of human interaction in its complexity and simplicity," she says, "and how these behaviors and conditions show themselves in our work, our families, our world and our communities."

As for the best part of her job as a DCTC instructor, she says, "Education is the key to a bright future. I am blessed to be a part of that for so many of our students."

Her hobbies and interests include exercise, charitable events and community volunteerism.

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Denise Strenger
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