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Donald G. Spano

Donald G. Spano is railroad conductor technology instructor. He began teaching at DCTC when his program was initiated in fall semester 2005.

Don has a Bachelor of Arts degree in business management with a minor in human resource from the University of St. Thomas.

With 22 years of experience working in the railroad industry, Don served as a railroad conductor, yardmaster, switchman and director of safety for four railroads centered in the Minnesota region during his career.

Don revised his program's safety program, producing a zero accident and injury index in a six-month timeframe. He is current member of ARS, a national organization promoting the continuing education of the railroad population through endowments and scholarship awards.

As for his teaching philosophy, Don believes that learning should be a lifelong, passionate desire. "Success is a measure of desire," he says. "No one has ever stood up to the test without being knocked down first. The will to get back up and try again
is the true measure of an individual's passion for success."

Getting the chance to work with students who are sincere and actively interested in learning is the best part of his job as a DCTC instructor. He also appreciates having a work environment that nurtures student and instructor growth through learning experiences.

Don's hobbies and interests include coaching junior high school wrestling and classic car restoration. He also enjoys working as a home and landscape handyman.

Raising six children with a loving spouse stands out as the highlight of his life.

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Donald Spano
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