Bartram, Jessica


Jessica Bartram

Jessica A. Bartram is an instructor in the Meeting and Event Management program. Having taught at DCTC for more than three years, she is excited about continuing to be part of such a wonderful program and college.

Jessica has been planning trade shows and events for more than 10 years—everything from public art fairs to private, corporate banquets to large educational conferences to trade shows with thousands of exhibitors.

While her expertise covers all aspects of event planning, she has a particular passion for trade shows. Jessica has often said that the rush of walking a crowded trade show floor is unbeatable.

Jessica spent part of her career at the ARDEL group, an association and convention management corporation, in various roles including sales, marketing, customer service management, trade show management and convention management.

She also worked at ConveneMachine, an online convention tools corporation, as the sales and marketing manager. She worked in sales and marketing while also handling general management of the company, including most day-to-day operations.

Jessica then fulfilled a second line of the meeting & event "triangle" as a supplier and spent more than a year at Freeman, the nation's largest general service contractor offering full-service solutions for expositions, conventions and trade shows.

Regarding her teaching philosophy, Jessica says, "While it is important to share my experiences and stories with my students, I also believe that students have a lot to learn from one another. Whether you've had 30 years of experience in event planning or are new to the industry all together, everyone has something to bring to the table."

She considers a casual, relaxed and fun classroom environment to be the key to academic success.

"Being able to identify my passion in life at such a young age was a rarity to begin with," she says. "Then being able to actively work within the industry was amazing. Finally, being able to share my passion with others and seeing their excitement as well is the greatest reward of all."

Jessica enjoys spending time with her husband and stepson. She has a close family and many close friends that are the core and root of who she is. Jessica believes that this solid foundation has helped her define the individual she is today.