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Katherine Niebur

Katherine Niebur is an Information Systems Technology instructor. She began teaching at DCTC in 2001.

Kathy received a Bachelor of Science degree in business/management information systems from San Diego State University in 1992.

She has extensive experience as a project manager for information system projects in the insurance, mortgage loans, agricultural biotech, and electronics manufacturing industries. Most of her projects involved acquisitions and mergers that required data conversions.

In 2007, she received academic excellence awards for two grant projects. On one project, she introduced computer training to a women and children's shelter. On the other, she designed relevant assignments for QuickBooks to compliment financial management courses in DCTC's Supervisory Management program.

In 2006, Kathy published poetry in a book about grief support groups.

Regarding her teaching philosophy, she states, "I try to design my online courses so students have multiple methods for accumulating points: quizzes, assignments and projects, with more emphasis placed on assignments and projects instead of on testing or quizzes.

"Repetition is the key to learning skill-based classes. I am working on using more audio and presentation technology to provide a wider range of learning methods for online students."

She finds that helping students achieve learning for employment is her biggest reward. "Autonomy and the freedom to be creative are also things I enjoy and value as an instructor at DCTC," she says.

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Katherine Niebur
Information Systems Technology Instructor