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Larry Stone

Larry Stone is a general education mathematics instructor. He started teaching at DCTC in 2003.

Larry has master's degrees in mathematics and mechanical engineering from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities.

His industry experience includes consulting work for General Electric's jet engine division and one summer as an engineering assistant working on a project for the MITRE Corporation and the U.S. Air Force.

In 1996, he took the Best Poster Award at the 2nd European Thermal-Sciences and 14th UIT National Heat Transfer Conference in Rome. Ten years earlier, he won the Kun Min Award for Excellence in Thermal-Fluid Sciences Studies at the University of Lowell, now known as UMass Lowell.

Larry has published a number of articles in his field, including two with R.J. Goldstein:

  • "Film Cooling Effectiveness Data for Simple Geometries: A Collection of Three-Axis Plots," International Journal of Rotating Machinery, Vol. 1, 1994
  • "Row-of-Holes Film Cooling of Curved Surfaces at Low Injection Angles," Journal of Turbomachinery, Vol. 1, 1997

"Sustained hard work pays immeasurable dividends and is the source of true happiness," says Larry, regarding his teaching philosophy.

He also contends that, "Calculators make lousy crutches."

He loves being present when one of his students reaches a level in math not previously encountered. "Even if it's just finally conquering their times tables," he says. "They seem so happy :-)."

Larry enjoys playing chess, practicing archery, and visiting the North Shore.

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