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Mark Grant

Mark Grant is a speech communication instructor in the General Education curriculum. He began teaching at DCTC as an adjunct instructor in 2000. The college hired him as a full-time instructor in spring semester 2001.

Mark has a Master of Arts degree with a focus on rhetorical theory and popular culture from Minnesota State University, Mankato. He also earned his bachelor's degree in creative writing from MSU.

His industry experience includes several years as a freelance communication consultant/project manager in the marketing field. During his tenure in the private sector, Mark worked for clients in Minneapolis, California, Connecticut, Texas, Arizona and Toronto. He also worked for a time in Portugal, Madrid and London.

"Since I teach communication and everyone comes to the class with a lifetime of experience, I have found the most meaningful learning happens on a student-to-student level. I can honestly say that if I do my job well, everyone walks away from the class wiser--including me."

"I really enjoy the interactions I have with the students at DCTC," says Mark, regarding the best part of his job as an instructor. "They are smart, motivated and really open to the importance that communication plays in their personal and professional lives."

Mark's currently resides in near Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis. When he is not working he enjoys spending time with his children, playing golf (weather permitting), exercising, reading, and hanging out with friends.

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Mark Grant
Speech Communication Instructor