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Mike Buck

Mike Buck joined the Electrical Construction and Maintenance Technology faculty in 2006 with the responsibility of instructing third semester students in electrical apparatus and programmable logic controllers.

Electrical apparatus includes motors, motor controllers, motor control circuits, transformers and such equipment for the distribution, control and utilization of electrical energy. A programmable controller is a specialized, user programmed computing device used to solve the logical conditions required to control a process or machinery.

A 1973 graduate of the Electrical Construction program at Dunwoody Industrial Institute (today the Dunwoody College of Technology), Buck has held a Minnesota Class A Master Electrician license for more than 30 years. His expertise centers on the National Electrical Code as well as on designing, installing and maintaining electrical systems.

He has worked for nearly 40 years in various areas of the electrical industry including:

  • 12 years working for electrical contractors
    • Three of those years working for one of largest electrical contractors in Minnesota
  • 18 years owning and operating a successful electrical contracting business
  • 2.5 years working for the Minnesota Board of Electricity and the Department of Labor and Industry as director of (electrical) licensing
    • Responsibilities included preparing examinations, approving applicants for examination, supervising the license examinations of individuals and the issuing of contractor licenses

Buck describes his teaching philosophy this way: “In general, curricula should be arranged such that the theory—the how and why things work the way they do—is presented to explain the specifics of practical applications. Lab exercises reinforce the how and why.

“Not all students learn things the same way. Some find it easier to comprehend the practical applications once they understand the theory while others are able to make better sense of theory after performing the hands-on exercises. Both options are incorporated.

“Regardless, a clear and absolute understanding of the fundamental principles and concepts is essential where critical thinking skills are taught. The abilities to analyze and evaluate, to compare and contrast, and organize work are vital when considering all the variables of a project or problem.”

Regarding the best part of his job as a DCTC instructor, Buck said, “Over the years, it has been my privilege to work with a lot of really great people. There are so many good aspects of my job that it is hard to pick a best one. But if I had to, I would have to say it is watching a student’s confidence grow as he or she masters the subject matter. I also enjoy serving as a student mentor.”

Mike Buck likes woodworking, gardening, biking, camping and being outdoors.

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Michael Buck
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