Program Overview

Awards/Outcomes Credits Location
Accountant - A.A.S. Degree 60 cr. Rosemount  |  Online
Accountant - Diploma 60 cr. Rosemount  |  Online
Accounting Clerk - Diploma 32 cr. Rosemount  |  Online
Small Business Accounting - Certificate 15 cr. Rosemount  |  Online

Major Description

Accounting students are trained to analyze, interpret and record financial information regarding the operations and financial condition of businesses and organizations. Working with spreadsheet and accounting software, they acquire the skills necessary to prepare financial statements, tax returns and government forms. Students also learn federal and state tax and payroll laws. Accountants need to be life-long learners with the ability to work with all aspects of a business.

Work Environment

Many companies require the ongoing expertise of an in-house accountant. As an accountant, you may find yourself working for a manufacturing firm, a hospital, a bank, an insurance company or a private corporation. In addition, CPA firms, government agencies and not-for-profit organizations also hire accountants.

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Academic Advisor

Kerry Lurken


Marie Saunders

Nancy Shoemake

Lyle Stelter

Patricia Weigand