Entrepreneurship/Small Business

Program Overview

Awards/Outcomes Credits Location
Business Entrepreneur - Certificate 21 cr. Rosemount

Major Description

This program analyzes small-business management combined with the new ways business ventures are created, designed, developed and operated. The program's central core investigates the processes and procedures needed to transform an entrepreneurial idea into a viable business operation. The certificate can stand alone for individuals with existing skills or complement a variety of existing technical programs.

Credit for Prior Learning (CPL)

This program offers Credit for Prior Learning (CPL). Seek credit for life experience to accelerate your progress toward a degree, diploma, or certificate. Read More...

Work Environment

Entrepreneurs compete in a vast range of business enterprises. Because they are self-employed, entrepreneurs need a broad base of business skills, including a comprehensive business plan, to be successful.

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Academic Advisor

Susan Kingsbury


Bob Voss