Hospitality Lodging Management

Hospitality Lodging Management

Program Overview

Awards/Outcomes Credits Location
 Hospitality Lodging Management - A.A.S. Degree 60 cr. Online
 Hospitality Lodging Business - Certificate 26 cr. Online
 Hospitality Lodging Operations - Certificate 23 cr. Online
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Major Description

The hospitality industry is the largest and fastest growing industry in the world. There are more than four million hotel rooms in thousands of properties within North America alone. Lodging establishments range in size from intimate inns to mega conference hotels. Some are designed for the budget traveler, while others provide luxury accommodations to the highly affluent traveler. Throughout this international industry, the benchmarks of success are measured on the comfort of the sleeping room, quality of food, and service received. These simple components set the properties apart. In addition, many lodging properties offer meeting and event space with accompanying services.

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Hospitality Lodging Management Advisor & Instructors
Amy Eppen
Amy Eppen
Enrollment Advisor and Financial Aid Specialist
Rosealee Lee
Rosealee Lee
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Program Costs*

Hospitality Lodging Management
  Hospitality Lodging Management
A.A.S. Degree – 60 credits
Hospitality Lodging Business
Certificate – 26 credits
Hospitality Lodging
Operations Certificate – 23 credits
Tuition $168.95/cr. $168.95/cr. $168.95/cr.
Fees $21.45/cr. $21.45/cr. $21.45/cr.
Grand Total $11,424 $4,950.40 $4,379.20

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Hospitality Lodging Management
Tiffany Vickaryous
Tiffany Vickaryous
Hospitality Careers Graduate
"Due to the direct relationship and follow-up with the faculty, I have returned year after year to continue my education as the program grows."

I have been an off-and-on-again student at DCTC since 2003. I have always wanted to be a part of the hospitality industry. Since my education with DCTC, my career has taken off in ways I never would have imagined. Not only did I get a great education from leaders in the industry, I also received a network of support. Rosealee not only teaches her students, she builds personal relationships with her students as well. It was a pleasure to receive e-mail updates and changes in the programs offered at DCTC in my field of profession. Due to the direct relationship and follow-up with the faculty, I have returned year after year to continue my education as the program grows.

You can read Tiffany's story, "Organized Chaos," in DCTC News.

Cara Tuenge
Cara Tuenge
Hospitality Careers Graduate
"The best part of the DCTC program is Rosealee (Lee). She is like a fairy godmother giving her students all the tools they need to succeed and then sending them out to fulfill their dreams."

The three things that set the DCTC program apart from others in the area are: 1) Networking, 2) Hands-on experience and 3) Support. The program instructors are extremely plugged in to the local event scene and are constantly working to provide students with networking opportunities. Program instructors also use their vast network of contacts to provide students with priceless hands-on experience throughout the year at events going on all around the Twin Cities. The support doesn’t stop when you graduate either—whether its resume help, continuing education or alumni contacts—you always know that you have a place to go home to with DCTC.

The best part of the DCTC program is Rosealee (Lee). She is like a fairy godmother giving her students all the tools they need to succeed and then sending them out to fulfill their dreams. Her passion for the industry and for teaching others is inspiring and contagious. If you’re not inspired when you get there, you will be when you leave!

Denise Bauer
Denise Bauer
Hospitality Careers Graduate
"I graduated with the degree I wanted as well as many new friends and experiences that took me to a new future."

I came to DCTC in a somewhat indirect way. I had been researching schools for over a year, trying to find a degree program in event management. However, my search had been unsuccessful, so I resigned myself to getting a hospitality degree at a local business school. Classes were about to begin when I felt compelled to try one more time to find an actual event management program. I drove to a local community college where the receptionist told me about the Meeting & Event Management degree program at DCTC. I went home and immediately called Rosealee Lee to discuss the program with her.

Rosealee's enthusiasm and confidence in this program convinced me in one phone call I had found a home for the next two years and beyond. The program offers so many opportunities to be involved in this exciting industry that help build self-confidence and experience while building industry-wide relationships. I graduated with the degree I wanted as well as many new friends and experiences that took me in to a new future. If this is the industry you want to be in, then let DCTC and Rosealee help you get there!

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Hospitality Lodging Management

Work Environment

Hospitality lodging staff focuses on the guests, and their experience. They offer exemplary service to ensure guest loyalty and business success. The work environment is fast-paced. Staff members offer a variety of services simultaneously, while maintaining a pleasant and gracious demeanor.

Job Outlook

According to ISEEK, Minnesota's career, education and job resource, lodging managers in the U.S. earn on average $23.62/hour. Top earners make more than $43/hour. ISEEK: "Competition for jobs at large hotels that offer the highest level of guest services is expected to be strong. Opportunities at smaller hotels should be better. Those who have a college degree in hotel or restaurant management, and have good customer service skills and related experience should have the best prospects."

Lodging managers receive perks not often found in other occupations, including bonuses of up to 25 percent of their salary. ISEEK: "Hotel and motel managers usually receive benefits. Typical benefits include health insurance, sick leave, and paid vacation. Some hotels pay for formal training programs. Others may give managers a percentage of the hotel's profits. In addition, some hotels provide managers with lodging, meals, parking, and laundry."

Salary Data

Potential Job Titles

  • Account Manager
  • Customer Service Specialist
  • Event Manager
  • Front Office Manager
  • Guest Services Manager
  • Meeting Planner
  • Member Services Representative
  • Operations Manager
  • Rooms Manager
  • Sales Manager
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Transfer Options

Hospitality Lodging Management

Articulation Agreements

Articulation Agreements are formal agreements between two or more colleges and universities to accept credits in transfer toward a specific academic program. DCTC has articulation agreements in place for this program with the following schools:

Transfer To Degree Major Offered  
Sorry, there are no Articulation Agreements in place for this program.
Don't worry though, courses in this program may still transfer to other colleges or universities. Visit Transferology for fast and accurate course and transfer equivalency information.

Transfer Resources

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News & Events

Hospitality Lodging Management

The Hospitality Lodging Management program at DCTC is active throughout the year and makes headlines in college publications. Read about student and alumni success, student participation at hospitality events, and the accomplishments of our hospitality lodging management instructors.

Social Media

As a student majoring in either Meeting & Event Management, Hospitality Lodging Management, or Spa & Resort Management, you can get the latest news on your program and the hospitality industry by following Instructor Rosealee Lee on social media.

Hospitality Lodging Management Events

See yourself in the Hospitality Lodging Management Program at DCTC!

Clubs & Organizations

Hospitality Lodging Management

As a student in DCTC's Hospitality Lodging Management program, you have many opportunities to make connections in the hospitality industry through your involvement in professional clubs and organizations.

Professional Organizations

Getting Connected on Campus

DCTC features active, industry-relevant clubs for Hospitality Lodging Management students right on campus. Getting involved in these clubs allows you to make the most of your college experience and gives you an edge when seeking a career in the hospitality field. The following two clubs are open to all Hospitality Lodging Management students:

Meeting Professionals International DCTC Student Club
This student club is affiliated with the Minnesota chapter of Meeting Professionals International, or MPI. Club members belong to MPI, the world's largest association for the $100 billion meeting and event industry. MPI is committed to positioning meetings and events as key strategic components of a company or organization's success. Established in 1978, the MPI Minnesota Chapter empowers its more than 450 members to increase their strategic value through education, professional development and business growth opportunities. Visit MPI Minnesota and MPI International to learn more. You can also visit the MPI DCTC Student Club on Facebook.

DCTC Hospitality Alumni Network
As a graduate with a DCTC Hospitality Careers degree or certificate, you can join the Hospitality Alumni Network as a great way to stay connected to people at the college as well as to other alumni. You can also reach out to assist current students in your program.

For a complete list of extra curricular opportunities at DCTC, visit our Campus Life page.