Project Management Technology

Program Overview

Awards/Outcomes Credits Location
Project Management Technology Assistant - A.A.S. Degree 60 cr. Rosemount
Project Management Technology Assistant - Diploma 44 cr. Rosemount

Major Description

This program introduces students to fundamental knowledge and skills utilized in entry-level project management and administrative suppport positions. Students will be exposed to a variety of skills related to planning, organizing, implementing, leading and controlling the work of a project to meet the goals and objectives of the organization. The basics include all phases of the project management life cycle, project scope and planning, activity scheduling, cost and budget, quality principles, human resources and team leadership, formal and informal communications and documentation, risk planning and monitoring, and contracts and procurement. Students will become proficient in the use of software tools such as MS Project, Word, Excel and Access.

Work Environment

Project management practices have spread across multiple disciplines from technology to manufacturing, from real estate to construction, and from sales management to service. These administrative support opportunities are available in many career fields, including but not limited to business, marketing, urban and rural planning, healthcare, information technology, media and education.

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Academic Advisor

Amy Eppen


Candace Carlstrom

Susan Johanson

Charlotte Kodner