Applied Visual Arts

Program Overview

Awards/Outcomes Credits Location
Applied Visual Arts - A.A.S. Degree 72 cr. Rosemount

Major Description

This program prepares students for careers in commercial art and design. A unique combination of courses offers training in the traditional techniques of drawing and painting in conjunction with digital art techniques using computer graphics programs. The coursework trains students in the design process to explore, plan, design and produce visual solutions to communications problems. A foundation in art techniques, design principles, creative problem solving, concept development, illustration, typography and layout are established. Students will gain the skills necessary for an entry-level position in the commercial art field and will have employment opportunities in a number of related industries, including marketing, publishing, advertising and animation.

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Work Environment

Visual artists often work in art or design studios both private and commercial. Job opportunities exist in publishing, advertising, marketing and animation industries. Employment could be permanent or seasonal at business locations. Freelance artists in their own studios often work on a contract basis.

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Academic Advisor

Amy Eppen


Gwen Partin