Professional Gardener

Professional Gardener - Certificate

Professional Gardener - Certificate

The Professional Gardener Certificate draws upon classes from the Landscape Horticulture major in a manner that will allow you to specialize in classes pertinent to gardening.  From these classes you will gain expertise in both the science and fine gardening skills needed to design, install and maintain gardens for a wide range of clients.

NOTE: Classes in this certificate track parallel the Landscape Horticulture degree program; therefore classes for this certificate may be offered at various times and dates that do not run consecutively.

Recommended Course Sequence

Core Courses

Course Title Credits
LAHT 1000 Plant Science 2
LAHT 1010 Soil Science 3
LAHT 1100 Woody Plant Materials I 2
LAHT 1110 Woody Plant Materials II 2
LAHT 1205 Plant Pests and Disease Management 4
LAHT 1315 Plant and Garden Maintenance 3
LAHT 2000 Herbaceous Plant Materials 2
LAHT 2970 Internship 1
LAHT 2970 Internship 1
Total Core Credits: 20
Total Program Credits: 20