Sustainable Food Systems

Sustainable Food Systems - Certificate

Sustainable Food Systems - Certificate

The Sustainable Food Systems Certificate offers a practical, hands-on learning experience in the rapidly growing field of small-scale local and urban agriculture. Students will learn to grow, harvest and market sustainably grown produce. This Certificate is geared toward individuals who have an interest in growing healthy and nutritious food, based on organic, sustainable methods and possess a strong desire to engage both mind and body while working in an outdoor environment.

NOTE: Entry into this certificate track requires being placed onto a wait list that determines when there are sufficient students to start.

Recommended Course Sequence

Core Courses

Course Title Credits
BIOL 1110 Environmental Science 3
ENTR 1170 Introduction to Small Business 2
LAHT 1000 Plant Science 2
LAHT 1010 Soil Science 3
LAHT 1205 Plant Pests and Disease Management 4
LAHT 1315 Plant and Garden Maintenance 3
LAHT 1700 Introduction to Sustainable Food Systems 3
LAHT 1740 Infrastructure for Sustainable Food Systems 2
LAHT 1830 Principles of Agroecology 3
LAHT 2020 Permaculture Based Food Systems Design 2
LAHT 2040 Sustainable Food Crop Production 3
Total Core Credits: 30
Total Program Credits: 30