Multimedia & Web Design

Multimedia & Web Design

Program Overview

Awards/Outcomes Credits Location
 Multimedia & Web Design - A.A.S. Degree 70 cr. Rosemount
 Interactive Media Design - Certificate 29 cr. Rosemount
 Web Design - Certificate 18 cr. Rosemount
 Digital Animation - Certificate 17 cr. Rosemount
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Major Description

Multimedia & Web Page A.A.S. Degree: Students create interactive media and content for websites, applications and stand-alone delivery. Using industry standard software, students design and develop images, 2D and 3D animations, audio, video, and navigation for use in the advertising, educational and entertainment industries. They also study interface design, basic web page programming, usability, testing and project management.

Interactive Media Design Certificate: Emphasizes creative concepts of the architecture and content creation for multimedia. The certificate offers introductory to advanced coursework, including animation, 3D modeling, web page construction, audio and video, and user interaction.

Web Design Certificate: Emphasizes webpage architecture for the graphic designer. HTML/CSS, Adobe applications such as Dreamweaver and Illustrator, Content Management Software architecture and JavaScript are practiced.

Digital Animation Certificate: Emphasizes creative content for multimedia use. The certificate classes focus on story telling, drawing for use in digital environments, and animating, and include sound, video and 3D modeling. 


This program offers Credit for Prior Learning (CPL). Seek credit for life experience to accelerate your progress toward a degree, diploma, or certificate. Visit the Credit for Prior Learning page to learn more.

Multimedia & Web Design Advisor & Instructors
Amy Eppen
Amy Eppen
Enrollment Advisor and Financial Aid Specialist
DeAnn Engvall
DeAnn Engvall
Portrait Placeholder
Carlos Merino Maestre
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Program Costs*

Multimedia & Web Design
  Multimedia & Web Design
A.A.S. Degree – 70 credits
Interactive Media Design
Certificate – 29 credits
Tuition $167.26/cr. $167.26/cr.
Fees $21.45/cr. $21.45/cr.
Tools/Equipment $550 N/A
Textbooks $800 N/A
Supplies $300 N/A
Other $125 N/A
Grand Total $14,984.70 $5,472.59
  Web Design
Certificate – 18 credits
Digital Animation
Certificate – 17 credits
Tuition $167.26/cr. $167.26/cr.
Fees $21.45/cr. $21.45/cr.
Tools/Equipment N/A N/A
Textbooks N/A N/A
Supplies N/A N/A
Other N/A N/A
Grand Total $3,396.78 $3,208.07

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Scholarship Opportunities

Each year, Dakota County Technical College and the DCTC Foundation make more than $200,000 in scholarships available to our students. Students are encouraged to create an account and apply for scholarships online.

Work-Study & Student Worker Positions

Students looking for ways to help finance their college education can find part-time jobs on campus with various DCTC departments and programs. Deliver your completed Work-Study Application to the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid and search for openings at College Central Network Services. For more information, you can review Work Study Procedure.

Financial Aid

Step 1: Apply now for financial aid. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
DCTC's Federal School Code: 010402

Step 2: After receiving an official award letter from DCTC, you may apply online for a Federal Stafford Student Loan. Visit the Loans page for more information.

Financial Aid Inforgraphic
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Multimedia & Web Design
Tanja Michels
Tanja Michels
Multimedia & Web Design Grad
"My education at DCTC has given me the confidence and skills to pursue my new career in design. I was doing freelance work, but I soon found the right opportunity to complete the transition to full-time designer."

I earned two degrees at DCTC, an A.A.S. in Multimedia & Web Design and an A.A.S. in Graphic Design Technology. I am now a Web designer for the State of Minnesota. I chose DCTC because I wanted to change careers and go into Web design. After doing some comparisons, I thought DCTC had a strong program that offered the education I needed to get started.

Everyone at DCTC is friendly and helpful, and the teachers in the Visual Communications department are fantastic. They are knowledgeable and hands-on—and they encourage you to push beyond what you think you can do. I enjoyed the camaraderie and support among the students and teachers as well as the sense of accomplishment as I learned each new skill.

VCOM at DCTC offers an exceptionally well-rounded education. You don't just learn how to click the right button to make something happen; you gain a good basic foundation in the principles of design and the creative process.

My education at DCTC has given me the confidence and skills to pursue my new career in design. I was doing freelance work, but I soon found the right opportunity to complete the transition to full-time designer.

As a student in the program you should work hard. The more you put into it, the more you will get out of it. And don't be intimidated by what you don't know—you will learn. That's why you're here.

Keena Smisek
Keena Smisek
Multimedia & Web Design Student
"I really think the teachers are great. If you need any extra help or have questions, they always have time for you."

I chose DCTC following the recommendation of a friend who attended and spoke highly of the IT and Visual Communication departments. Also, DCTC is affordable and I needed somewhere that had flexible class schedules because I was working full-time during the day.

I really think the teachers are great. If you need any extra help or have questions, they always have time for you. I also love the smaller class sizes. It gives you time to get to know the students in your class and the teachers.

I most enjoy the atmosphere here at DCTC. There is such a variety of people attending whether they just graduated high school, are still in high school, or going back to school after a long hiatus. There is no “normal” here and there’s always someone you can relate with.

I think the one thing I never expected to get out of the Graphic Design Technology program is growth in self-confidence. It's easy to compare your work with others and feel like you might not measure up. The teachers here motivate you to give your best and it often pays off. I've become much more confident in the projects I produce because of the encouragement I’m given by teachers and classmates alike. You grow at DCTC in your education and as a person.

The Visual Communications department is excellent and relevant. The teachers have personal experience in the programs and classes they teach.

Joseph Carey
Joseph Carey
Multimedia & Web Design Grad
"I believe that without the education I received at DCTC I wouldn't have the knowledge to succeed in the industry today."

I attended DCTC with only a vague idea of where I wanted my career to go. The instructors and staff really helped me define that idea into the career I have today. The instructors are really great, always staying on top of industry trends and always willing to offer help if you've fallen behind or wanted to jump ahead. They really want to see you succeed. I believe that without the education I received at DCTC I wouldn't have the knowledge to succeed in the industry today.

Jessica McDowell
Jessica McDowell
Multimedia & Web Design Student
"Participating in the VCOM program enabled me to delve deeper into a field I have always been interested in and made me aware of possibilities previously unknown. Through the courses offered and with the guidance of dedicated instructors I was able to learn skills needed to get started in an exciting new future."

Ann Meyer
Ann Meyer
Multimedia & Web Design Grad
"I could not have gotten such a good job without my DCTC web design certificate."

I just finished my 2nd day [on my new job] so i am too tired to go on and on about it. I could not have gotten such a good job without my DCTC web design certificate. Hiring me was like getting a sturdy basic car loaded with ALL the options. My employer may not need all my computer skills, but they love knowing that they're there.

Magic Miao Zhen Li
Magic Miao Zhen Li
Multimedia & Web Design Grad
"Even after graduation, the instructors are still happy to help me with any issue."

I graduated from Dakota County Technical College with a Graphic Design A.A.S degree, a Multimedia & Web Design A.A.S degree and an an Interactive Media Design Certificate.

During 3 years of studies in DCTC, I learned the up-to-date technology such as the latest version of Adobe products, mobile app design, responsive Web design, Web content management systems like Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla. Meanwhile, I established strong design basic on typography, layout, perspective drawing and design principles. I was trained to have eyes for details, and hands on production work.

The instructors in DCTC are helpful, patient, and friendly. They not only helped me with any technical problems but also helped me with emotional difficulties. Even after graduation, the instructors are still happy to help me with any issue. The instructors and employment advisors informs us immediately whenever there is a job lead. Thanks to the job lead sent from DCTC, I got my current internship with the Minnesota Historical Society. The strong knowledge foundation from DCTC makes my internship in MNHS efficient and meaningful.

DCTC provides us a good start on the design field and always informs us new design trends and technologies through Facebook and VCOM blog. We benifits from DCTC even after graduation. The money I spent on studies in DCTC are more than worthy. We can also work-study while we are at school. Through the 10 months work-study experience in the marketing department of DCTC, I not only learned practical workplace skills, made friends, but also got paid.

Words can never express my thankfulness to DCTC. Thank you very much, DCTC.

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Multimedia & Web Design

Work Environment

Like graphic designers and desktop publishers, web designers usually work in comfortable office environments. They frequently adhere to strict deadlines and spend considerable time seated before computer monitors.

Job Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for Web developers is projected to grow 22 percent  between 2010 and 2020, which faster than average for all occupations. BLS: "Employment of web developers is expected to grow as ecommerce continues to grow. Online purchasing is expected to continue to grow faster than the overall retail industry. As retail firms expand their online offerings, demand for web developers will increase."

Acquiring a solid, industry-driven education in HTML as well as critical design principles gives DCTC Multimedia & Web Design graduates a powerful competitive advantage. BLS: "Web developers need to have a thorough understanding of HTML. Many employers also want developers to understand other languages, such as JavaScript or SQL, as well as have some knowledge of multimedia publishing tools, such as Flash. Some employers prefer web developers who have both a computer degree and have taken classes in graphic design, especially when hiring developers who will be heavily involved in the website’s visual appearance."

Gainful Employment Reports

Career Information

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Transfer Options

Multimedia & Web Design

Articulation Agreements

Articulation Agreements are formal agreements between two or more colleges and universities to accept credits in transfer toward a specific academic program. DCTC has articulation agreements in place for this program with the following schools:

Transfer To Degree Major Offered  
Minnesota State University Moorhead BS Operations Management View

Articulation Agreements with Area High Schools

The Multimedia & Web Design program has articulation agreements with several area high schools; high school students can earn a certificate for a course in the program, for example, Introduction to Photoshop. That certificate is worth one free credit when the student applies for the program at DCTC. Below is a list of schools with this option:

  • Apple Valley High School
  • Lakeview High School
  • Rosemount High School
  • Henry Sibley
  • South St. Paul High School
  • Dakota County Area Learning School (DCALS)

Transfer Resources

TransferologyDo you want to see how your courses transfer to programs at participating colleges and universities? Add the coursework you've taken and use Transferology to find out how it might transfer to any of the participating schools in the Transferology network. Get an account and create a plan now!


Minnesota Transfer.orgMN Your official guide to a seamless transfer experience in Minnesota Higher Education.

Transferring to DCTC?

Whether you're a veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces or an international student or transferring from high school or a four-year university, DCTC will help you through the process. Visit our Transfer Students page for more information.

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News & Events

Multimedia & Web Design

The Multimedia & Web Design program at DCTC is active throughout the year and makes headlines in college publications. Read about student success in design competitions, student field trips, student projects and the accomplishments of our multimedia and Web design instructors.

You can stay current with things happening in the Multimedia & Web Design program and the Web development field by following the Visual Communications blog.

Multimedia & Web Design News

Upcoming Events

See yourself in the Multimedia & Web Design Program at DCTC!

Clubs & Organizations

Multimedia & Web Design

As a student in DCTC's Multimedia & Web Design program, you have many opportunities to make connections in the Web and design industry through your involvement in professional clubs and organizations.

Professional Organizations

The American Institute of Graphic Arts, or AIGA, is the planet's oldest and largest professional membership organization for design with 67 chapters and more than 23,000 members nationwide. As a student in the Multimedia & Web Design program, you will make the most of AIGA's vast cache of design resources, including inspirational advice from the industry's top professionals as well as news about upcoming design events and competitions. You will also have a picture window into critical information that can and will augment your professional development.

Getting Connected on Campus

DCTC features active, industry-relevant clubs for Multimedia & Web Design students right on campus. Getting involved in these clubs allows you to make the most of your college experience and gives you an edge when seeking employment in the Web development field. The following club is a must if you're at all interested in boosting your competitive moxie as a Web developer:

SkillsUSA is a national nonprofit organization for students at community and technical colleges across the U.S. The organization focuses on students in academic programs that lead to careers in the trade, industrial, technical and health care fields. Nearly 100 SkillsUSA competitions at the state and national levels relate to leadership skills or programs of study at DCTC.

In 2012, DCTC fielded four national champions at the SkillsUSA National Championships at the National Leadership and Skills Conference in Kansas City, Mo. For more information about the competition, read "Students Dominate SkillsUSA Championships" in Real Magazine, a DCTC publication.

In 2013, DCTC fielded 17 students at the nationals who ranked in the top 15 in the nation. For more information about the competition, read "DCTC Students Rock at SkillsUSA Nationals" on DCTC News.

For a complete list of extra curricular opportunities at DCTC, visit our Campus Life page.