Landscape Horticulture

Program Overview

Awards/Outcomes Credits Location
Landscape Horticulture - A.A.S. Degree 72 cr. Rosemount
Landscape Horticulture - Diploma 64 cr. Rosemount
Landscape Horticulture Professional Gardening - Certificate 20 cr. Rosemount
Sustainable Food Systems - Certificate 27 cr. Rosemount

Major Description

Landscape Horticulture: The landscape horticultire degree and diploma provide graduates with the technical and business skills needed to succeed in the landscape industry. First-year students learn the fundamental science and technical skills related to all fields of landscape horticulture. Second-year students may elect to specialize in one of three interest areas: Landscape Design and Sales, Landscape Construction and Greenhouse Production.

Sustainable Food Systems: The sustainable food systems certificate offers a practical, hands-on learning experience in the rapidly growing field of small-scale local/urban agriculture. Students will learn how to grow, harvest and market sustainably grown produce in urban and suburban environments by engaging in traditional and online hybrid courses coupled with hands-on lab and field experiences. Foundational courses in soil and plant sciences, greenhouse production, integrated pest management and sustainable landscape practices will provide the groundwork from which other courses will be built. This certificate program is geared towards individuals with interests in growing healthy and nutritious food, based on organic and sustainable methods and a strong desire to engage both mind and body while working in an outdoor environment.

Professional Gardener: The professional gardener certificate is designed to prepare students to professionally design, install and maintain gardens, container plantings and seasonal displays in residential, commercial and institutional settings. Some of the skills taught include site preparation, plant selection, pest and weed identification, creating garden maintenance plans, pruning techniques, tool selection and use, and basic business practices.

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Work Environment

Landscape professionals design, install and care for residential, commercial and public landscapes. They find work with companies that provide landscape design, construction and maintenance services, as well as garden centers, nurseries, golf courses and municipal parks and public works departments.

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