Developmental Education

Developmental Education

Developmental Education

General Education at the developmental level is designed to prepare students for transfer-level coursework and to enhance success within technical training programs.

  • Developmental courses often help students improve test scores in order to qualify for entry into general education or technical coursework.
  • Developmental course numbers begin with a zero. They cannot be used to satisfy graduation requirements.


Course# Title Credits
Basic English and Writing Review 3 cr.
ENGL 0130 English Essentials 3 cr.
ENGL 0114 College Reading I 3 cr.
ENGL 0215 College Reading II 3 cr.
ENGL 0123 Medical Reading and Study Skills 4 cr.

Mathematical/Logical Reasoning

Course# Title Credits
Basic Mathematics 3 cr.
Introduction to Algebra 4 cr.
MATS 0600 Intermediate Algebra 4 cr.

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