General Education

General Education - A.S. Degree Requirements

General Education - A.S. Degree Requirements

An Associate in Science degree requires a minimum of 30 semester credits of general education as outlined below. See your advisor or program page for program specific requirements.

Required Courses

Course Title Credits
ENGL 1150 Composition I 3
Human Diversity  
SPEE 1020 Interpersonal Communication 3
Mathematics (choose one course numbered over 1000)  
MATS any Math course (except 1000 and 1205) 3-4
Science (choose one course numbered over 1000)
BIOL any Biology course (except 1200) 3-4
CHEM any Chemistry course 4
PHYS any Physics course 3
Total Credits 12-14

Elective Courses

Students must complete a minimum of 16-18 credits from at least two of the following Goal Areas listed on the following Minnesota Transfer Curriculum pages:

Goal Area Credits
Goal 2 Critical Thinking  
Goal 5 History and the Social and Behavioral Sciences  
Goal 6 Humanities and Fine Arts  
Goal 8 Global Perspective  
Goal 9 Ethical and Civic Responsibility  
Goal 10 People and the Environment  
Total Credits 16-18
Total Requirements: 30