Early Childhood & Youth Development

Early Childhood & Youth Development - A.S. Degree

Early Childhood & Youth Development - A.S. Degree

This program prepares students for employment in a variety of early childhood and youth settings. Courses meet Minnesota Department of Human Services educational requirements for assistant teachers and teachers in a child care setting. Students learn about child development, guidance, professional relationships, nutrition, health and safety, cultural sensitivity and techniques for promoting learning in young children. This program is available in the classroom and many courses are also available online. Additionally, it links with a selection of four-year colleges for completion of advanced degrees.

The following outcome requires a clear MN Criminal Background Study.

This degree is designed for students wishing to transfer to a four-year insitution to obtain an advanced degree.

Recommended Course Sequence

Core Courses

Course Title Credits
ECYD 1100 Introduction to Early Childhood Careers 3
ECYD 1210 Child Growth and Development 3
ECYD 1220 Health, Safety, and Nutrition 3
ECYD 1230 Guiding Children's Behaviors 3
ECYD 1240 Learning Environment and Curriculum 3
ECYD 1325 Observation and Assessment 3
ECYD 1340 Curriculum Planning 3
ECYD 1510 Practicum I 3
ECYD 2320 Children with Differing Abilities 3
ECYD 2600 Organizational Leadership and Management 3
Total Core Credits: 30

General Education Courses

Course Title Credits
ENGL 1150 Composition I 3
SPEE 1020 Interpersonal Communication 3
General Education Elective(s)** 15
General Education Elective(s) (MnTC Goal 3 ) *** 3
General Education Elective(s) (MnTC Goal 4 ) *** 3
General Education Elective(s) (MnTC Goal 5 ) *** 3
Total General Education Credits: 30
Total Program Credits: 60
** Select General Education electives from any MnTC goal area.
*** Select General Education electives from MnTC goal area.