Early Childhood & Youth Development


According to ISEEK, Minnesota's career, education and job resource, employment for in the Early Childhood & Youth Development industry is expected to grow up to 20.4 percent in the U.S. and 24.6 percent in Minnesota by the year 2020.

ISEEK on child care workers: "There is a continuing trend for parents to put their children in day care. There should be an increased demand for child care workers, especially for those who take care of infants." ISEEK on preschool teachers: "Besides the expected job growth, many preschool and kindergarten teachers will leave the occupation or retire. This will result in many more openings each year."

Acquiring a solid, industry-driven education in child behavior, developmental activities and health and safety gives DCTC early childhood & youth development students a powerful competitive advantage. More than ninety percent of our early childhood & youth development grads find employment in the field.

Graduates spend most of their day working with children and provide them basic care, opportunities to learn and help them build self-esteem. The work environment may be in a day care, school or health care setting.

Potential Job Titles

  • Preschool Teacher
  • Child Care Worker
  • Family Day Care Provider
  • Nanny
  • School District Paraprofessional
  • Child Life Assistant

Salary Data

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