Early Childhood & Youth Development

"I feel like the instructors know who I am and care about my success."

Lorelei Rein

Early Childhood & Youth Development Student


Lynn Kokal

Child Life Associate

Children's Hospital and Clinics

"I graduated from the program feeling I had a wealth of practical knowledge…I felt prepared to succeed in my choice of career."

I was interested in exploring career options within the early childhood education field and liked the variety of programs that were offered. Many of the courses in the program would also transfer over to another college. I liked the flexibility provided by being able to choose on-campus, online and hybrid courses to fit around my family’s schedule. I appreciated the expertise and supportive mentoring of my instructors and valued their eagerness to help me succeed in gaining internships, employment, etc. The lab room that is available for students to create their curriculum materials is also fantastic!

I appreciate the fact that I graduated from the program feeling I had a wealth of practical knowledge, as well as useful materials to use ahead. I felt prepared to succeed in my choice of career. I continually drawn upon what I have learned in my role as Child Life Associate on a daily basis. Everything I learned comes naturally as I strive to meet the needs of our patients and families, which is a testament to the quality of education I received at DCTC.


Jennifer Blom

Early Childhood & Youth Development Alum

Owner – Jenny's Puddle Jumpers Daycare

"The education I received at DCTC helped me open my own, successful business just six months after graduating."

The Early Childhood & Youth Development teachers made the classes and the environment fun. I felt comfortable and the classes I took were some of the best I've ever taken. I enjoyed the connections and friendships I made in the classroom.

One thing people don't realize about DCTC is that everyone is so friendly. It's a very easy-going campus that makes it so you can do what you want to be doing. The education I received at DCTC helped me open my own successful business just six months after graduating.

I would tell other students thinking about the Early Childhood & Youth Development program to do it. It's a great program with awesome instructors who help you build your confidence and give you the tools and materials you need to be successful in the field. It's a great opportunity and experience to meet new people and learn skills you never knew you had. I am glad that I picked DCTC. I would do it again if I had the chance because I enjoyed the program that much!


Shauna Thilmany

Early Childhood & Youth Development Alum

Assistant Teacher for Pre-K

"Without attending DCTC and receiving the support, my world would be very different."

The support I received from my instructors played a crucial role in my success. Dawn and Jill continued to support me through every decision I had to make. It did not matter if it was a decision that was school related or family related. I am forever grateful for this support. When I was hired for my first employment in the field of Early Childhood, my boss knew the level of education I was receiving. This led me to a lead teacher position. When I interviewed for my second location within the field, I brought my portfolio filled with projects, lesson plans, educational ideas and my school accomplishments. All these items I presented allowed me to gain the assistant teacher position within a Head Start location. The professors always presented to the students the best manner of practice in each and every class. These best practices also have led to my success. I have recommended the school to various individuals within my field. I have always stated that the school has integrity, support, small classes and fabulous teaching standards.