Nursing Assistant

Program Overview

Awards/Outcomes Credits Location
Nursing Assistant - Certificate 5 cr. Rosemount
Geriatric Advanced Nursing Assistant - Certificate 16 cr. Rosemount

Major Description

Nursing Assistant Certificate: This course prepares students to assist dependent elderly persons, home-care clients and hospital patients with their personal care needs. This course combines home health aide content with the nursing assistant course. The Minnesota State Certification examination is administered following course completion.

Geriatric Advanced Nursing Assistant Certificate: This program will provide the student with an enhanced understanding of the influence caregivers have in the quality and safety of healthcare for aging adults. The student will be able to identify common physical and psychosocial characteristics associated with the aging adult. The student will gain knowledge necessary to plan and provide optimal entry level care for aging adults.

Nursing Assistant NNAAP Exam Information

Work Environment

Nursing assistants and nursing assistants/registered, or NA/R, provide care under the direct supervision of licensed nurses. Employment is primarily in long-term care facilities, home health agencies and hospitals.

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Academic Advisor

Serena Jones


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