Nursing Assistant

Nursing Assistant - Certificate

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Course Title Credits
HEAL 1060 Nursing Assistant
HEAL 1060 This course introduces concepts of basic human needs and the function of the nursing assistant in long term care and or home health care. Basic nursing skills will be demonstrated and practiced in the laboratory setting. Upon successful completion of classroom studies, the student will participate in 24 hours of supervised clinical experience in a long term care setting. This course is a prerequisite for the Practical Nursing Program. It meets the objectives of Federal State Statutory requirements for nursing assistant training. Prerequisites: None. Individuals who provide direct contact services to clients of licensed facilities are required to have complete criminal background studies. Disqualified persons will not be permitted to work in these facilities.

Credits: 5

Effective Dates: 08/25/2008 - 12/31/9999

Course Outline: HEAL1060

Total Core Credits: 5
Total Program Credits: 5