Industrial & Energy Plant Maintenance

Program Overview

Awards/Outcomes Credits Location
Industrial & Energy Plant Maintenance - Diploma 45 cr. Rosemount  |  Online

Major Description

With training in the Industrial and Energy Plant Maintenance program you will obtain the necessary skills to maintain manufacturing, industry, and energy plants. Modern manufacturing, industry and energy plants are highly complicated and require a skilled worker to maintain them.

This program prepares students with a foundation in the theory, application and principles of these complicated environments. This includes the proper installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of mechanical, electrical, electronic, electromechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic power equipment. Our programs also focus on bearings and seals, print reading, preventative/predictive maintenance, safety, welding, laser alignment, and vibration analysis.

The Industrial and Energy Plant Maintenance program is an ideal choice for students with good mechanical aptitude who take pride in their work.

Work Environment

Industrial and Energy Plant Maintenance technicians find a wide range of employment opportunities in fields ranging from fluid power, manufacturing, technology sales, industrial maintenance, energy management, and building maintenance. Any job opening specifying the need for a manufacturing or industrial plant technician would be an excellent opportunity for a graduate of this program. The manufacturing, industrial, and energy plant industry utilize technically trained people at various positions maintaining the process of making the product that the companies produce.

Academic Advisor

Drew Boatman


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