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Recommended Course Sequence

Core Courses

Course Title Credits
ABCT 1120 Sheet Metal Repair
ABCT 1120 This course covers the tools and processes used for repairing minor damage on sheet metal panels. Safe and proper use of body fillers are included in this course. Prerequisites: ABCT1111

Credits: 5

Effective Dates: 03/15/1998 - 12/31/9999

Course Outline: ABCT1120

ABCT 2102 Shop Management and Estimating
ABCT 2102 This course will focus on management duties related to personnel, shop flow and monetary tasks. This course will contain and require handwritten and computer driven estimation procedures and understanding of estimating terminology. Prerequisite: None.

Credits: 2

Effective Dates: 08/19/2002 - 12/31/9999

Course Outline: ABCT2102

ABCT 2108 Unibody/Frame/Wheel Alignment I
ABCT 2108 This course will focus on unibody, full frame repair and alignment using various alignment, measuring and pulling equipment. This course will also contain wheel alignment procedures and terminology relating to collision damaged vehicles. Prerequisites: ABCT1111, ABCT1212 or BSEP1301, and ABCT1120.

Credits: 4

Effective Dates: 08/19/2002 - 12/31/9999

Course Outline: ABCT2108

Total Core Credits: 11

General Education Courses

Course Title Credits
SPEE 1020 Interpersonal Communication OR
SPEE 1020 This course focuses on the practical and theoretical concepts of human communications and the styles used in personal, social and professional environments. Students will also acquire skills in critical thinking, perception, listening, emotional communication, verbal and non-verbal expressions and conflict resolution. Meets MnTC Goal 7

Credits: 3

Effective Dates: 03/26/1999 - 12/31/9999

MNTC Goals: 7

Course Outline: SPEE1020

ENGL 1150 Composition I
ENGL 1150 This course emphasizes the process of writing expository and persuasive essays using effective writing skills and a variety of research techniques. Also included in the course content are critical reading and logical reasoning. Meets MnTC Goal 1 - PREREQUISITES: Student must score an 86 or above on the Accuplacer Sentence Skills assessment OR complete developmental courses through English Essentials AND score a 78 or higher on the Accuplacer Reading Comprehension Assessment OR complete College Reading I or II.

Credits: 3

Effective Dates: 08/24/2009 - 12/31/9999

MNTC Goals: 1

Course Outline: ENGL1150

Total General Education Credits: 3
Total Program Credits: 14