Brakes, Suspension, & Driveline

Brakes, Suspension, & Driveline - Certificate

Brakes, Suspension, & Driveline - Certificate

* All students applying for the transportation programs are REQUIRED to attend a Tuesday Campus Visit.

Recommended Course Sequence

Core Courses

Course Title Credits
AUTM 2011 Suspension, Steering and Alignment 3
AUTM 2025 Brakes 3
AUTM 2032 Manual Trans-Transaxle, Clutches, Transfer Cases and Differentials 3
AUTM 2100 Basic Automotive Electricity 1
AUTM 2205 Advanced Driveline and Chassis Systems 5
Total Core Credits: 15

General Education Courses

Course Title Credits
General Education Elective(s)** 3
Total General Education Credits: 3
Total Program Credits: 18
** Select General Education electives from any MnTC goal area.