Railroad Conductor Technology

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Railroad Conductor Technology - Certificate 16 cr. Rosemount

Major Description

This program prepares students to serve as railroad conductors in the railway industry, which is critical to our nation’s livelihood. Retirement rates of current conductors promise excellent job opportunities. DCTC formed partnerships with BNSF, Railway, Canadian National, Canadian Pacific Railway, Union Pacific Railroad and many other regional and short lines to develop a curriculum that puts graduates on the fast track to employment in the industry.

Admissions Requirements or Prerequisites

In addition to the requirements on the Admissions Checklist, program applicants must comply with the following:

Industry Partners

Twin Cities & Western Railroad, Union Pacific, Red River Valley & Western Railroad, Canadian Pacific RailwayProgressive Rail Inc., Minnesota Commercial Railway, Chicago Southshore & South Bend Railroad, Northern Plains Railroad, Dakota, Minnesota & Eastern Railroad and Northern Lines Railway.

Start Dates

Work Environment

Railroad conductors oversee train routes, movements and car switching through a range of duties, including the relay of signals for safe train movements. Conductors work irregular hours, including holidays, weekends, days and nights for shifts up to 12 hours. Constantly alert to changing conditions, they are trained to act safely and responsibly.

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Academic Advisor

Susan Kingsbury


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