4-year Degrees at DCTC

4-year Degrees at DCTC

Southwest Minnesota State University

Students can complete their associate degree at DCTC and then go on to complete their SMSU bachelor's degree from the DCTC campus.

DCTC formed a partnership with Southwest Minnesota State University to offer three baccalaureate degrees:

  • Bachelor of Science in Management
  • Bachelor of Applied Science in Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education

Graduates from the Early Childhood Education program are certified to teach birth through third grade.

SMSU Bachelor Degree Program Requirements

  • Students must complete an AS or AAS degree or at least 60 credits in a related field to enter a program. While preferred, students are not required to be DCTC graduates.
  • Students admitted to a program may take classes from DCTC and SMSU simultaneously.
  • Students will complete a minimum of 120 semester hour credits with a minimum grade point average of 2.0. Some programs require a higher GPA.
  • Financial aid is available for qualifying students.
  • SMSU classes are delivered online. DCTC General Education classes can be taken on DCTC campus or online. Students do not have to travel to the SMSU campus in Marshall, Minn., unless they wish to participate in graduation ceremonies.
  • An advisor visits the DCTC campus every two weeks to help with registration, course planning and other aspects of the enrollment process.

Related Associate Degree Programs

All three baccalaureate programs stem from a related associate degree program at DCTC.

BS in Business Administration or BAS in Management
  • AAS Accounting
  • AS Business Management
  • AAS Executive Administrative Assistant
  • AS Individual Studies
  • AAS Industrial Distribution
  • AAS Business Marketing Specialist
  • AAS Medical Administrative Assistant/Transcriptionist
  • AAS Property Management
  • AAS Supervisory Management
  • SMSU accepts many other DCTC A.S. & A.A.S Degrees.
BS in Early Childhood Education
  • AAS Early Childhood and Youth Development
  • AS Early Childhood and Youth Development

Other associate degree programs may be related as well.

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