Tuition Procedures

Tuition Procedures

Tuition Procedures

Business Office Holds

  • A business office hold will be placed on a student's account when they have a current term outstanding balance owed to the college prior to registration for the next semester. Holds will remain on a student's account until their bill is paid in full.
  • A balance due hold will also prevent a student from receiving college services such as transcripts and diplomas.

 NSF/Dishonored Checks

  • Checks will be considered NSF/dishonored after they have been presented to the bank twice and are returned to DCTC unpaid due to nonsufficient funds, closed account, stop payment and so forth.
  • Dishonored checks will be backed out of the account in which they were deposited and an NSF fee will be charged.
  • The NSF charge is currently $25 and is subject to change without notice.
  • Uncollected NSF checks are subject to college collection procedures.

 Collection Procedures

  • An account in collection status is an accounts receivable balance owed the college that has been turned over to an outside collection agency.
  • Past due student accounts will be subject to collection procedures that will begin after the final payment plan due date for that semester.
  • Each student will be invoiced and then sent a letter notifying them they have 30 days to respond or else their account will be turned over to the Minnesota Department of Revenue, or MnDOR, for collections. Accounts refered to MnDOR will be charged a processing fee and interest.

Meeting the 30-Day Deadline

Students must pay their account in full within the 30-day deadline to avoid being sent to collections.

Failure to Meet the 30-Day Deadline

  • Students who do not respond within the 30-day deadline will have their account submitted to MnDOR for collection.
  • After an account has been turned over to MnDOR, DCTC is no longer involved in the collection process, and the student must deal directly with MnDOR.

Contact Information

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Tuition Clerk
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Justin Wagner
Accounting Technician


  • Cashier's Window next to Room 2–201

Cashier's Window Hours

  • Monday – Thursday
    8 a.m. – 4 p.m.
  • Friday
    7:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.