Search for DCTC Staff and Faculty Members

Name Phone Job Title
Deputy Sheriff 651-423-8388 Campus Security / Law Enforcement
Addy, Steven 651-423-8252 Electrical Lineworker Instructor
Ahlquist, Travis 651-423-8378 Biomedical Equipment Technology Instructor / Biomedical Equipment Technology Instructor
Aller, Kenneth 651-423-8594 General Maintenance Worker
Anderson, Bailey Head Women's Volleyball Coach / Head Women's Volleyball Coach
Anderson, Paul PT Faculty
Anis, Umair PTT Faculty
Arneson, Brenda 651-423-8234 Nursing Assistant Instructor
Arsenault, Jeffrey PTT Faculty
Atkins, Steven 651-423-8241 Accounting Supervisor Senior
Bachman, Katherine 651-423-8274 Veterans Program Coordinator
Bakker, Troy PTT Faculty
Bartram, Jessica PT Faculty
Becker, Judy 651-423-8420 Learning Center Admin Assistant
Becker, Ryan 651-423-8382 Building Utilities Mechanic
Belanger, Mary 651-423-8320 Graphic Design Technology Instructor
Bergen, Sharon 651-423-8398 Early Childhood Youth Devel. Instructor / Early Childhood Youth Devel. Instructor
Bernard, Dee 651-423-8577 Chief Financial Officer
Birkenholz, Janice PT Faculty
Bjorklund, Jill 651-423-8589 TRiO/Upward Bound Advisor
Blommel, Nathan 651-423-8616 Information Systems Technology Instructor
Boatman, Drew 651-423-8384 Enrollment Advisor and Financial Aid Specialist / PTT Faculty
Borchardt, Jeff 651-423-8591 College Mechanic
Borchardt, Marcia PT Faculty
Boudinot, Matt PT Faculty
Braa, Dawn 651-423-8315 Early Childhood Instructor
Brantner, Mark 651-423-8313 Automotive Technology Instructor
Broback, Carol 651-423-8242 Accounts Payable
Broback, Henry 651-423-8600 General Repair Worker
Brooks, Matthew 651-423-8392 Landscape Horticulture Instructor
Brusoe, Suzanne 651-423-8205 Chief Human Resources Officer
Buck, Michael 651-423-8494 Elec Construction Maint Technology Instructor
Burg, Shaun 651-423-8413 ITS 2
Callaway, Lawrence PTT Faculty
Campbell, Joseph 651-423-8452 English Instructor
Carlson, Kathy 651-423-8549 Business & Management Coordinator
Carlson, Lori 651-423-8371 Health & Safety Coordinator
Carlstrom, Candace 651-423-8389 Administrative Technology Instructor
Carney, Christopher 651-423-8260 Accounting Officer
Cekalla, Julie 651-423-8248 Account Clerk
Chackan, Ramie 651-423-8450 Director of Career Services
Charles, Barbara 651-423-8472 Administrative Assistant to the Dean
Chaussee, Patrick PT Faculty
Christiansen, Karen 651-423-8092 Health & Human Services Coordinator
Chvatal, Martha 651-423-8594 Evening GMW
Cole, Jacquelyn 651-423-8532 Bookstore Coordinator
Copeland, Jeffrey 651-423-8296 Automotive Technology Instructor
Copley, Billie 651-423-8368 CLA 2 - Nano Link Program
Crider, Michael 651-423-8270 Student Life Assistant
Cross, Thomas 651-423-8677 Assist Director of Student Life / Head Softball Coach
Dahlheimer, Riley 651-423-8527 Financial Aid Specialist
Davis, Ben Head Basketball Coach / PT Faculty
Davis, Tammy 651-423-8411 Human Resources Technician
Dean, Jason 651-423-8538 Information System Specialist
Deems, Janet 651-423-8220 Practical Nursing Instructor
DeMuth, Paul 651-423-8370 Director of Operations
Determan, Scott 651-423-8349 Information Systems Technology Instructor
Deutsch, Donald Elect Const & Maint Instructor
Doyle, Karen 651-423-8414 PT Faculty
Driscoll, Paul 651-423-8351 Electrical Lineworker Instructor
DuBois, Julie 651-423-8689 Administrative Assistant
Dwinnell, Leah 651-423-8659 Instructional Technology Specialist
Dzioba, Benjamin PT Faculty
Edlund, Erin 651-423-8233 Director of Institutional Advancement
Eells, Joe 651-423-8475 Psychology Instructor
Eilers, William 651-423-8364 Photography Technology Instructor
Elward, Lucius TRiO/Upward Bound Advisor
Emory, Byron Evening Welding Instructor
Engberg, Robert 651-423-8322 Automotive Technology Instructor
Engvall, DeAnn 651-423-8457 PT Faculty
Eppen, Amy 651-423-8323 Enrollment Advisor and Financial Aid Specialist
Erickson, Darryl 651-423-8338 Information Systems Technology Instructor
Espana, Samuel PTT Faculty
Evanson, Amy 651-423-8269 Information Systems Coordinator
Farmer, Susan 651-423-8453 Developmental Reading Instructor / Developmental Reading Instructor
Farniok, Anne 651-423-8414 Interior Design Instructor
Felch, Timothy 651-423-8314 Welding Instructor
Fogarty, Joel Hvy Const. Equip. Mech. Instructor
Forgette, Kyle 651-423-8650 PT Faculty
Foster, Linda 651-423-8439 Instructional Technology Director / PTT Faculty
Fournier, Marc PT Faculty
Frahm, Jill PT Faculty
Frandrup, Diane 651-423-8254 Registration Coordinator
Froehle, Joel PT Faculty
Gamble, Karen 651-423-8291 Administrative Assistant
Garcia Olague, Sergio Assistant Men's Soccer Coach
Gartner, Roger 651-423-8337 Heavy Constrution Equipment Technology Instructor
Gehloff, Wayne 651-423-8594 General Repair Worker/Evening Security
George, Michael 651-423-8594 General Maintenance Worker
Ghebrejoahannes, Senayt 651-423-8246 Accounts Receivable/Third Party Coordinator
Gilliksen, Lorene PT Faculty
Gingery, David PTT Faculty
Glenn, Julia 651-423-8484 Computer Information Specialist
Glime, Scott 651-423-8433 Web Content Manager/New Media Specialist
Graham, Peggy 651-423-8554 Financial Aid Assistant
Grant, Catherine 651-423-8434 PTT Faculty
Grant, Mark 651-423-8566 Speech Communication Instructor
Grover, Hope Assistant Softball Coach
Gruenes, Ronald 651-423-8563 Elec Construction & Maint. Technology Instructor
Guiosky, Timothy Mathematics Tutor
Gunderson, Scott 651-423-8295 Business Management Instructor
Haan, Christina 651-423-8405 Accounting Officer
Hancock, Alan 651-423-8308 Civil Engineering Technology Instructor
Hansberger, Bruce 651-423-8432 Elec Construction & Maint. Technology Instructor
Hanson, Mark 651-423-8437 Warehouse Clerk
Harens, Bruce Elect Const & Maint Instructor
Harsh, Anthony 651-423-8512 TRiO/Upward Bound Advisor
Hartung, Bruce 651-423-8479 Welding Instructor / Welding Instructor
Hawkins, Richard 651-423-8765 Transportation Coordinator
Hawkins, William PT Faculty
Haworth, Robert PT Faculty
Hayes, Chris Grants & Sustainability Coordinator
Helberg, Elizabeth 651-423-8601 PT Faculty
Helmueller, Steven 651-423-8546 Accounting Officer
Hendrickson, Meghan Interior Design Instructor
Her, David 952-707-2344 Upward Bound Advisor
Hickman, Mark 651-423-8363 Automotive Technology Instructor - ASEP
Higgins, Brenda PT Faculty
Hinrichs, Christiana 651-423-8238 Accounting Officer Int
Hoveland, Danielle 651-423-8654 Library Technician
Hubbard, Charles PT Faculty
Hubel, Robert PT Faculty
Hvidsten, Lynne 651-423-8375 Associate Dean Allied Health
Ingham, Jim PTT Faculty
Jagerson, Todd 651-423-8518 Chief Information Officer / PT Faculty
Jakala, Mark 651-423-8594 GMW
Johanson, Susan 651-423-8239 Administrative Technology Instructor
Johnson, Anne 651-423-8360 Associate Vice President of Strategic Initiatives
Johnson, Michelle Enrollment Specialist
Johnson, Rebecca General Maintenance Worker
Jones, Jacqueline 651-423-8594 General Maintenance Worker
Jones, Justin 651-423-8420 CLA 2 - Language Arts
Jones, Serena 651-423-8638 Enrollment Advisor and Financial Aid Specialist
Jorde, Weston 651-423-8054 Philosophy Instructor
Kappel, Rebecca PT Faculty
Keinert, David PT Faculty
Kelcher, Daniel PTT Faculty
Kennedy, Thomas 651-423-8288 Network and Server Administrator
Kermeen, Byron PT Faculty
Keske, Michelle 651-423-8593 College Lab Assistant - Accounting
Khan, Riaz PTT Faculty
Kilbourn, Robert PT Faculty
King, Kathryn PT Faculty
Kingsbury, Susan 651-423-8537 Enrollment Advisor / PTT Faculty
Kirby, Michael 651-423-8406 Reference Librarian / Reference Librarian
Klassen, Kenneth 651-423-8402 Heavy Duty Truck Technology Instructor
Kleinboehl, Jeffrey 651-423-8478 Landscape Horticulture Instructor / Groundskeeper
Kodner, Charlotte 651-423-8428 Administrative Technology Instructor
Kolles, Brett 651-423-8395 English Instructor / English Instructor
Kovacs, Steven PT Faculty
Krueger, Betty 651-423-8560 Information Systems Technology Instructor
Kuznar, Chris PT Faculty
Lacey, Colleen PT Faculty
Lachowsky, Jason 651-423-8611 Web Content Manager
Lair, Patrick 651-423-8399 Director of Student Success / PT Faculty
Larson, Constance 651-423-8529 Graphic Design Technology Instructor
Larson, Gayle 651-423-8307 Dean of Technology, Business & Gen Ed
Latner, Peter 651-423-8590 PT Faculty
Lee, Rosealee 651-423-8604 Meeting and Event Management Instructor
Legan, Bruce PTT Faculty
Leitner, Lance PT Faculty
LeMieux, Renee 651-423-8374 PTT Nursing Faculty / PTT Nursing Faculty
Leopold, Tharan 651-423-8293 Executive Director of Foundation and Alumni
LePiane, Teresa PT Faculty
Lewis, Larry 651-423-8276 Manufacturing & Technology Coordinator
Lindsey, Gregory Assistant Men's Baseball Coach
Llivisaca Guiracocha, Miguel 651-423-8594 GMW
Logan, Scott 651-423-8359 Auto Body Collision Technology Instructor
Loree, Shayla PT Faculty
Lorencz, Georgina 651-423-8272 Speech Communication Instructor
Lorenzen, Janet 651-423-8658 College Lab Assistant / PT Faculty
Loula, Karianne 651-423-8298 Admissions Outreach Coordinator
Lurken, Kerry 651-423-8278 Enrollment Advisor and Financial Aid Specialist
Manthey, Erin PT Faculty
Marti, James 651-423-8232 PT Faculty
McCalley, Greg 651-423-8281 Dean of Student Affairs
McCluskey, Timothy 651-423-8387 Automotive Technology Instructor - ASEP
McMenomy, Katherine 651-423-8650 Biology Lab Assistant
McPherson, Lynda 651-423-8407 Assistant to the Director of Operations
McQuillan, Patrick 651-423-8318 Dean of CT and Continuing Education
McVey, Mary PTT Faculty
Megan, Mary PT Faculty
Meulemans, Nicole 651-423-8403 Director of Student Life and Activities
Meulemans, Ryan 651-423-8434 PT Faculty
Miller, Marlo 651-423-8612 Manufacturing & Technology Coordinator
Milne, Margaret 651-423-8427 English Instructor
Moe, Cassandra 651-423-8336 Biology Instructor
Moody, April 651-423-8533 Bookstore OAS, Intermediate
Moser, Colleen Transfer & DARS Specialist
Munmun, Mousumi PTT Faculty
Myers, Donald 651-423-8388 General Repair Worker
Nadeau, Patrice 651-423-8355 Medical Assistant Instructor
Nelson, Carl PT Faculty
Nelson, John PT Faculty
Ness, Duane Industrial Plant Maint Instructor
Nestingen, Eddie PT Faculty
Newberry, Deborah 651-423-8328 Nanoscience Technology Instructor
Newton, Amber PTT Faculty
Newville, Brent 651-423-8327 Heavy Duty Truck Tech Instructor
Niebur, Katherine 651-423-8251 Information Systems Technology Instructor
Nohava, Matthew 651-423-8534 Macintosh Systems Administrator
Noirjean, Margaret 651-423-8540 Medical Assistant Instructor
Norton, Edwin 651-423-8422 GM/Raytheon Instructor
O'Hara, Jonathan 651-423-8373 Admissions Representative
Obarski, Mark 651-423-8676 Head Women's Soccer Coach / Head Women's Soccer Coach
Olofson, Dale 651-423-8351 Electrical Lineworker Instructor / PT Faculty
Olson, Randy 651-423-8235 Associate Dean of Design and Technology
Olson, Sam 651-423-8455 Automotive Technology Instructor
Onesirosan, Peter 651-423-8593 Seasonal CLA - Perkins
Opp, Michael 651-423-8319 Vice President of Academic & Student Affai
Painter, Anne Architecture Technology Instructor
Paris, Shay 651-423-8304 Enrollment Specialist
Parker, Adam PT Faculty
Partin, Gwen 651-423-8369 PT Faculty
Penn, Roseann PT Faculty
Petersen, Christian Assistant Men's Soccer Coach
Peterson, Erica PT Faculty
Philbrick, Colleen PT Faculty
Pieper, Jaime 651-423-8543 Dental Assistant Instructor
Piskun, Petr 651-423-8594 General Maintenance Worker
Pluntz, Richard PT Faculty
Quirk, Daniel PT Faculty
Rainford, Gerry 651-423-8324 Auto Body Collision Technology Instructor
Rainford, Janet 651-423-8467 Nursing Assistant Instructor / PT Faculty
Ramseth, Mark 651-423-8361 Building Maintenance Lead
Richards, Danette 651-423-8594 GMW
Ringstad, Kerry PT Faculty
Robinson, Cori 651-423-8514 TRiO/Student Support Services Advisor
Robinson-West, Jennifer 651-423-8217 Counselor / Counselor
Roelke, Scott 651-423-8297 Director of Scholarships and Financial Aid
Rose, Claudia 651-423-8522 Developmental Education Instructor
Ruschmeyer-Klahr, Shannon 651-423-8576 Marketing Project Manager
Saunders, Marie 651-423-8390 Accounting Instructor
Schatzlein, Jason 651-423-8594 General Maintenance Worker
Schendel, Lea 651-423-8279 Administrative Assistant
Schneider, Carrie 651-423-8244 Director of Institutional Research and Planning
Schoen, Michael 651-423-8594 Building Services Foreman
Schuldt, Barbara 651-423-8598 Library Technician
Schumacher, Dora 651-423-8463 Director of TRiO
Schumann, Karen Purchasing
Seaman, Trent 651-423-8223 Head Baseball Coach / PT Faculty / PT Faculty
Seleski, Barbara 651-423-8777 Admin Assist to Director Institutional Advancement
Setley, Keith PT Faculty / PT Faculty
Setterholm, Keith PT Faculty
Sharp, Hilary 651-423-8626 Information Systems Specialist
Sheets, Chad 651-423-8311 Automotive Mechanic Instructor - Chrysler / Interim Dean of Transportation and Industry
Shoemake, Nancy 651-423-8261 Accounting Instructor
Siefkes, Caitlin 952-707-2343 TRiO/Upward Bound Advisor
Siltala-Choban, Jeffrey 651-423-8284 Graphic Designer
Skarsten, Heidi 651-423-8371 Part Time Campus Nurse
Skluzacek, Linda 651-423-8600 PT Faculty
Skoro, Peter 651-423-8530 Graphic Design Technology Instructor
Somora, Stephanie Administrative Assistant
Spano, Donald 651-423-8352 Railroad Conductor Instructor
Squillace Stenlund, Kristine 651-423-8273 Biology Instructor
Squires, Peter 651-423-8018 Auto Parts Technician
Stabnow, Kathryn PT Faculty
Statz, Carie 651-423-8622 Marketing Design Instructor
Steele, Dennis 651-423-8657 College Lab Assistant
Steenblock, John PT Faculty
Stelter, Lyle 651-423-8423 Accounting Instructor
Stiles, Jerry 651-423-8305 Carpenter
Stinnett, Danny PT Faculty
Stoltz, Cameron 651-423-8462 Soccer Coach/Athletics Coord / Soccer Coach/Athletics Coord
Stone, Laurence 651-423-8424 Math Instructor
Strehle, Gretchen 651-423-8224 Administrative Assistant
Strelow, Bradd 651-423-8687 Technology & Innovation Coordinator
Strenger, Denise 651-423-8488 Sociology Instructor
Suckow, Shawna PT Faculty
Suddendorf, Judy 651-423-8385 Information Systems Technology Instructor
Sullivan, Diana 651-423-8483 Dental Assistant Instructor
Swanberg, Anne 651-423-8469 Disability Services Advisor
Swanson, Amy PT Faculty
Swearingen, Jodie 651-423-8216 Registrar & Enrollment Director
Tangen, Darrell 651-423-8584 Photography Technology Instructor
Tente, Natalie 651-423-8480 Central Duplicating Specialist
Tettam, Kathleen PT Faculty / CT Faculty
Thelen, Chad 651-423-8361 Groundskeeper
Tondra, Mark PTT Faculty Nano-Link / PTT Faculty / PTT Faculty Nano-Link
Torrence, Harold 651-423-8606 Business Management Instructor / Supervisory Management Instructor
Tran, Xuong 651-423-8289 TRiO/Student Support Services Advisor
Tschida, Vicki 651-423-8285 Academic Affairs Information Analyst
Tuttle, Barbara 651-423-8345 Reference Librarian / Reference Librarian
Unger, Jim 651-423-8482 Public Safety Coordinator
Van Neste, Travis PT Faculty
Vega, Adrian General Maintenance Worker
Verhoye, Anna 651-423-8419 Speech Communication Instructor
Voight, Anna 651-423-8649 Assistant Director of Student Life
Vollenweider, Julie PT Faculty
Voss, Bob 651-423-8356 Business Entrepreneuer Instructor
Wadekamper, Timothy 651-423-8361 Groundskeeper
Wagner, Justin 651-423-8657 College Lab Assistant 2
Waite, Jacqueline PT Faculty
Waldo, Brian 651-423-8434 PT Faculty
Wardell, Scott 651-423-8361 General Repair Worker
Weierke, Lynne 651-423-8339 Assistant HR Director
Weigand, Patricia 651-423-8391 Accounting Instructor
Welter Bacon, Saundra 651-423-8272 Psychology Instructor
White, Kenneth TRiO/UB Advisor - Burnsville
Wilde, Benjamin PT Faculty
Winchell, Rosemary 651-423-8209 Administrative Assistant to the Dean
Winkler, Rita 651-423-8434 PT Faculty
Witthauer, John PT Faculty
Woodward, Sara 651-423-8430 Exercise and Sport Science Instructor
Woosley, Corinne PT Faculty / PT Faculty
Wroblewski, JoAnn PT Faculty
Wynes, Tim 651-423-8213 Interim College President
Ziehr, Gary PT Faculty
Zimmer, Gina 651-423-8303 Admissions Specialist

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