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MPI Club

Meeting Professionals International Club

The MPI-DCTC Student Club is affiliated with the Minnesota Chapter of Meeting Professionals International (MPI). Club members are members of MPI. MPI, the world's largest association for the $102.3 billion meeting and event industry, is committed to positioning meetings and events as a key strategic component of an organization's success. The over 450-member Minnesota chapter of MPI, established in 1978, empowers its members to increase their strategic value with education, professional development and business growth opportunities. Learn more about the MPI Minnesota Chapter at and get to know MPI International at

Here is your opportunity to be a part of creative, innovative, and fast paced industry!

Our Mission

To promote education, professional relationships, and networking opportunities within the hospitality industry and the development of leadership, good citizenship and communication between students, administration, and the community.

Our Purpose

  • To give students a social network within the educational and hospitality communities
  • To be a resource for venue tours and industry speakers
  • To encourage professional community-student cooperation and engagement
  • To further scholastic interest and achievement
  • To organize, maintain, and stimulate activities and events
  • To encourage and support student understanding and participation in citizenship activities
  • To be the official representative for the DCTC Campus to the MSCSA.

Who can join?

You must be a student currently enrolled at DCTC, as well as a student member of MPI. Please contact Rosealee Lee, the MPI Student Club Advisor for further information.

Why you should join?

Networking is such an essential part of this industry. In becoming a part of the MPI Student Club you will have the opportunity to interact with professionals working in the industry, as well as connecting with other students in hospitality and event management programs. Not only that, but each month our club will participate in various types of industry education, including, but definitely not limited to venue tours, guest speakers, open discussion on topics of interest and informational seminars.

DCTC MPI Club History

The MPI-DCTC Student Club was formed in 2010.  Its formation was guided by the 2010-2011 Board of Directors. Club members are exceedingly grateful to this charter board for their leadership, insight, and energy:

  • Starr Briggs, President
  • Rose Lindquist, Vice-President
  • Jacob Cade, Secretary
  • Laura Dobbs, Treasurer
  • Kelly Kauth, Student Representative

Contact Information

Rosealee Lee
Rosealee Lee
Meeting and Event Management Instructor

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