Student Senate Executive Board

Student Senate

Student Senate Executive Board

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  • Nanci Al-Kordi
  • Brandon Dorshak
  • Heidi Bailly
Campus Liason
  • Paige Howard
    Campus Liason

The Student Senate is the official voice of students on campus. The Student Senate is involved in many decisions made on campus, including tuition increases, graduation planning and college activities. The Student Senate can also initiate projects for campus improvement. All students are encouraged to participate in the Student Senate.

DCTC Student Senate Subcommittees

  • Activities Committee
    Chaired by the vice president, the Activities Committee plans and coordinates campus activities and events sponsored by the Student Senate. Events include blood drives, Card Your Valentine, winter and spring parties, Grad Blast, and more!
  • Student Life Committee
    Chaired by the president of the Student Senate and the director of Student Life, the Student Life Committee studies and makes recommendations to the Student Senate on issues related to funding, including tuition increases and club funding requests.
  • Outreach Committee
    Chaired by the campus liaison, the Outreach Committee works to promote Student Life to the DCTC community, and on Student Life retention efforts. It is the goal of the Outreach Committee to create a stronger community among DCTC students, faculty, and staff.

Student Senate Mission

  • Represent all DCTC students.
  • Serve as student body voice with state legislature and other governing bodies.
  • Work with college administration and faculty to promote high quality education.
  • Advance cooperation between students and the community.
  • Increase scholastic interest and achievement.
  • Organize, maintain and energize activities within the student community.
  • Encourage students to participate in other organizations related to their fields of study.
  • Inspire and support student understanding and participation in citizenship activities.
  • Serve as official DCTC representative with the Minnesota State College Student Association (MSCSA).

Student Senate Forms

Student Life Forms

Meeting Minutes

Visit the Student Life blog for Student Senate meeting Minutes.

Contact Information

Nicole Meulemans
Anna Voight


  • Student Life Center
  • Room 1–300

Upcoming Student Senate Events

  • May
    Grad Blast
    Wednesday, May. 6  | 11:00 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.