Kendall Palfi

Kendall Palfi

Kendall Palfi

Student Senate Bio

Kendall Palfi • Secretary

Kendall PalfiHometown: Lakeville, Minn.
Program of Study: Individualized Studies
Favorite Book: A Face at the Window
Favorite Movie: Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian (2009)
Favorite Band/Artist: Mumford and Sons

Are you involved in other Student Life activities? (If so, which ones?)
I am a Student Ambassador and play for the DCTC Blue Knights Softball team.

What do you like best about attending DCTC?
I like that the teachers are willing to work with you on anything you do not understand, they know your name and you are not a number here.

Why did you join the Student Senate?
I care about the issues that are discussed about the school and community; I like to be part of a solution that helps the school as well as everything and everyone who is affected to benefit from it.

Why should other students consider joining the Student Senate?
They should consider joining because they can have a chance to speak for what they believe in and not have the fear of being criticized for their opinions. Everyone has good ideas and they need to be heard to help better the school. Also, it’s a good place to meet new people and make friends easily.