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Nanci Al-Kordi

Nanci Al-Kordi

Student Senate Bio

Nanci Al-Kordi • Vice President

Nanci Al-KordiNanci Al-Kordi is from Rosemount, Minn., and is pursuing her A.A.S. degree in Executive & Administrative Assistant. Nanci Joined the Student Senate because she wanted to get more involved in being a voice for the students of Minnesota and getting students the best education for their dollar. Nanci enjoys serving the community and is interested in pursuing a career with a non-profit organization after she graduates.

Nanci served as Campus Liaison of the Student Senate in the 2013-2014 academic year, and is very proud of the work students at DCTC and across the state have done through the Minnesota State College Student Association to advocate for students and keeping education affordable. When asked why she joined the Student Senate she said, "I wanted to get some strong leadership experience that can only help me in my future employment. Being involved in the Student Senate and Student Life at DCTC has been very rewarding and I am proud of all the work we have accomplished for our students."

Nanci added, "Being part of the Student Senate has given me wonderful leadership opportunities and skills that will be helpful and will look great on my resume, and yours as well. I have had the privilege of holding many positions in Student Life at DCTC, and it has given me a great deal of experience and confidence. Being involved in all the many wonderful activities that we offer at our college is so rewarding."

In addition to the Student Senate, Nanci is a proud member of the DCTC Lions Club, the Multicultural Student Leadership Association, and Phi Theta Kappa. She also participated in SkillsUSA won a silver medal in Quiz Bowl last year and served as a Student Ambassador.


...Thing about DCTC: "The wonderful staff and students at DCTC have been amazing. I also really enjoyed going to Washington D.C. to meet with our legislators and advocate for students and keep tuition rates to a minimum. That trip has been one of the high points of my service to the Student Senate. I look forward to working with new students this year and preparing them to get involved in these wonderful decision making processes for the students of Minnesota."

...Movie: Stepmom (1998) with Julia Roberts and Susan Sarandon.

...Book: The Holy Bible.

...Musician or band: "I love lots of different types of music. I love the Cranberries, Christian music, Paul Simon, Sting, and Cat Stevens. I like old school music, but I am very open to all types of music."