Strategic Team Workshop


Strategic Team Workshop

The Strategic Team Workshop begins with a group exploration of ME|StrategicYOU Workshop results and a 360-degree Perceptitude Assessment®. Participants gain an understanding and appreciation for the Strengths® of others within the team. They explore how those Strengths® are perceived by others, share realities and debunk myths. Alignment of participants with organizational goals is an especially dynamic part of this process. Organizational leadership coaching is included as part of this workshop.

Behavorial change is the primary outcome of the Strategic Teams Workshop so you can anticipate the following benefits:

  • Enhance & enrich team effectiveness
  • Create alignment within teams
  • Eliminate team member burnout
  • Maximize what each member of the team is already good at to strategically power up your team
  • Eliminate team silos
  • Enhance organizational reputation
  • Increase engagement
  • Grow profitability & sales
  • Increase efficiency

Custom Organizational Strength® Workshop

Your strength-based organizational workshop can be customized to fit your organization's needs. Important to your outcome is the knowledge that the power of Strengths®-based organization orccurs when measured talent is compared to performance. Organizational leadership coaching is included as part of this workshop.
Now that you know you can drive behavioral change in your organization, what Strategic future will you create with StrategicYOU?

Sustaining a Strengths®-based Organization

Supplemental coaching and mentoring for organizational leadership is always available.

Annual Strengths® Check-up

  • New employees?
  • New Business direction?

Your organization is not static. Plan to schedule an annual check-up that includes the ME|StrategicYOU Workshop for new employees, followed by a workshop targeted to your organization's needs that will ensure alignment of Strengths® to your current goals. Organizational leadership coaching is included as part of this workshop.

Customized Corporate Solutions

Many of our courses and training programs can be customized to fit your requirements. We adapt to various schedules and locations for your individual or company’s needs.

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