Don't just build a website. Expand your development skills by learning powerful, effective technologies that provide full control for smooth, test-driven development. DCTC offers courses in applications that will get you up to speed on the latest web standards.

ASP.NET MVC using Visual C#

ASP.NET MVC is a fascinating technology that provides an alternative to Web forms for building Web applications. Instead of building pages using server controls that provide relatively little control over the HTML they produce, MVC give you complete control. The course starts with an introduction to ASP.NET MVC and the Model-View-Controller pattern on which it is based. You will learn about the main differences between MVC and Web forms applications, and see how to build a simple MVC application with Visual Studio.

ASP.NET MVC using Visual C# full course outline

Learning to Program Using C#.NET

In this course, you'll learn to use Visual Studio to explore the Visual C# language. The course starts with a quick overview of the .NET platform, examining assemblies, Microsoft Intermediate Language, Visual Studio profiles, XML comments, IntelliSense, and debugging. From there, you'll learn all the language features that you must internalize in order to create full-featured Web or Windows applications that make best use of the .NET platform. You'll learn about data types, variables, and operators, along with all the important flow control structures. You'll work through several examples demonstrating the power of the .NET Framework, and dig into creating and consuming your own classes and objects. The course moves on to working with data structures, such as arrays and collection classes, before finishing up with discussions of generics, handling exceptions and working with delegates and events. The course concludes by introducing the new LINQ-oriented features, including anonymous types, lambda expressions, and more. By the end of this course, you will understand the important basic concepts that will allow you to start creating the applications you need.

Learning to Program Using C#.NET full course outline

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