Continuing Education & Customized Training

Continuing Education

Continuing Education & Customized Training

The mission of the Continuing Education & Customized Training department is to provide high-quality, innovative learning opportunities to a diverse student population by extending the educational resources of Dakota County Technical College.

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Continuing Education

Invest in yourself

With an understanding that learning needs for each individual student are unique and don't always follow the traditional college pathway, Continuing Education offers a variety of programs—from courses for credit, to CEU-based seminars, to career-enhancing design, technology and business classes.

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Customized Training

Invest in your employees

Have you identified a skill gap within your organization? Do you believe you can get the results needed with the right guidance? DCTC delivers high-quality technical & professional education in career-oriented programs that benefit today's workforces and the businesses and industries they serve. 

Training that supports your needs
Let our experienced educational advisors at DCTC help you find the right training solution for your needs. With DCTC Customized Training you get real education, real results. 

Online Continuing Education Classes

Online courses are a convenient and cost effective way to improve your skills, meet mandatory training requirements or learn something new!

  • No need to be "present" at any particular time. Access materials 24/7.
  • Almost all online courses are Instructor led with subject matter experts to answer questions, share ideas and guide your learning. Instructor led classes will have a specific start date.
  • Most classes do not require additional materials.
  • Courses are open to anyone – no need to apply to the college, just register and start learning.

Never taken an online class?

It's easy. Everything is laid out for you and just a click away – lessons, conversation boards, quizzes, support materials.

The hardest part is deciding how many and what classes to take – there are lots of great options for you!

Contact Information

Karen Christiansen
Karen Christiansen
Health & Human Services Coordinator

Facility Rental

Need high-tech labs and meeting rooms for your next business seminar or roundtable discussion? How about a state-of-the-art 2.8-mile roadway track that provides hands-on training for backing techniques, serpentine and evasive maneuvers, skid recovery and control for all different types of vehicles? Check out our top-of-the-line learning environments where hands-on education is the name of the game.

DCTC Main Campus

Located in the heart of Rosemount, Minn., just minutes away from the Twin Cities, the main campus of Dakota County Technical College reflects the intimacy of a small town with the networking and cultural advantages of a modern metropolitan area.

  • Dakota County Technical College
    1300 145th Street East (County Road 42)
    Rosemount, MN 55068

DCTC IT Training Center Eagan

Do you need up-to-the-minute computer training to master ongoing changes in the field of information technology? Does your staff require flexible software training to update their skill sets? Then our IT Training Center is for you. Find the inside track to success in customized programs that have been designed by people who know IT and know how deliver comprehensive instruction to busy professionals.

Department Staff

Patrick McQuillan
Patrick McQuillan
Dean of CT and Continuing Education